Court Postpones Trial For Perjury Accused Waverley Owner’s Daughter
12 October 2021

By A Correspondent| Harare Magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti Guwuriro has postponed the trial of Waverley Plastics Pvt Ltd owner Victor Cohen’s daughter Amanda Berkowitz nee Cohen to 17 October to allow her defense counsel to share key documents with the state.

Guwuriro said sharing of documents forming Berkowitz’s evidence with the state would allow the trial to proceed without hiccups.

Berkowitz stands accused of making a false declaration before the High Court to the effect that she subscribed to the company shares

Cohen who took to the witness stand today before the court adjourned insisted that she is a shareholder in her late father’s companies.

She also told the court that her nephew, Aron Vico who is the complainant in this case is an employee of the company who does not own a single share in the empire.

Waverley Plastics inheritance dispute has dragged on since 2017 following Victor Cohen’s death with Vico elbowing Amanda and her sister Belynda Halfon out of the company in connivance with his mother Debra who is also a daughter to the late company owner.

According to Amanda Berkowitz, she and her sister have not received any dividend are being denied access to company information including share certificates among other documents.

Vico has also filed a court application to restrain Berkowitz from visiting the company premises saying on her last visit, she insulted and labelled him a “thief” and a “gay boy” among other allegations.

He has also previously filed a High Court application to perpetually silence Berkowitz claiming that she is abusing the court and legal procedures.

Vico later developed cold feet after Berkowitz filed her responses.

Cohen’s trial followed the dismissal of her application for discharge.