Waverley Owner’s Grandson Moves to Block Surviving Children From Business Premises
12 October 2021

By A Correspondent- The ongoing Waverley inheritance dispute has taken a new twist after the late tycoon Victor Cohen’s grandson Aron Vico launched a desperate bid to block one of the daughters Amanda Cohen from accessing the company premises.

Since Victor Cohen’s death, Vico has successfully wrestled the company away from the surviving daughters Amanda Berkowitz nee Cohen and Belynda Halfon nee Cohen resulting in endless court battles that have dragged on since 2017.

Vico who is the company’s Managing Director filed a court application to restrain Amanda Cohen from visiting Waverley Blankets Pvt Ltd premises in Graniteside.

“In this matter, I seek an order to restrain the respondent from visiting my work place, hurling insults at me and making any threats of violence against me,” said Vico.

He further claimed that he and Cohen are involved in several disputes, some which are still pending in both the Lower and Superior courts.

“At the centre of most of these disputes is the issue relating to our respective shareholding in a company called Waverley Plastics (Pvt) Ltd and the general conduct of business in companies wherein we are co-Shareholders,” further noted Vico.

He accused Amanda Cohen of visiting his work premises in the company of another person before hurling insults at him.

“Further on 28 September 2021, the Respondent again stormed my workplace at Waverley Plastics (Pvt) Ltd and perpetrated the following acts of violence i.e:-

“She threateningly charged at me in a manner that instilled fear of physical assault. She shouted that I was a thief. She labelled me gay boy. She threatened to remove stock from the shop at my workplace without any payment,” reads part of Vico’s application.

The Waverley empire wrangle has been ongoing since 2017 when the company owner Victor Cohen died in South Africa.

Vico who was the Managing Director of the company successfully elbowed out Cohen’s daughters claiming that they did not subscribe to company shares offered to them by their father when he was still alive.

The two daughters allege that they have not received anything from the company since the death of their father as Vico has taken over, hiding vital information and not paying dividends to the surviving daughters.