Jiggaz’s Suspicious Death  Scares Fellow Artists
15 October 2021
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By A Correspondent| The death of veteran actor and musician George Tanjani popularly known as Jiggaz on Friday is being viewed as suspicious by his fellow artistes.

The Glen-Norah born-artiste starred in various plays some which challenged the status quo.

Almost a week after the demise of the youthful musician most of his peers are still to come to terms with his untimely death.

This publication caught up with one of Jiggaz’s pal ,Nash Mphepo, who is still visibly shaken by the demise of his mate at a time when they were planning to do a tour of a ‘reincarnated’ Ghetto Superstars play.

“My brother I am gutted.We had planned with Jiggaz to replay a production we did in 2001 ,Ghetto Superstars.

“The play was about the unemployment challenges young graduates face.We were supposed to do a tour at the end of this month and this untimely death has really scared me,”Mphepo said.

Mphepo also told paper that he fears he is going to be targeted as well.
“The fact that with Jiggaz we were close buddies I have a feeling of consternation that I am going to suffer the same fate,” fears Mphepo.

Another fellow actor who requested anonymity suspects state agents could be behind the death and is contemplating playing ‘safe’.

“ I strongly believe that Jiggaz was poisoned because of late he had confided in me that he had received a death threat from an anonymous call.

“When he told me about I rubbished him because he was intoxicated and now that a few days later we are mourning him it has shaken me.

“Going forward I won’t be involved in any play that the state may deem offensive,” said the artiste.

Tanjani succumbed to mild stomach pains and is survived by 7 children.

In 2018 , Winky D was forced to abort his Kwekwe Show after suspected Zanu PF thugs brandishing machetes stormed the gig .He had just a released a single ‘Kasong KeJecha’ which the ruling party felt was dissing the authorities.