I Will Only Be Visiting Harare, Says Chamisa
19 October 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|MDC Alliance leader President Nelson Chamisa has dismissed the notion that Zanu PF has a strong support base in rural areas.

President Chamisa says he is now practically staying in the rural areas as the vibrant leader seeks to identify the needs and challenges of villagers across the country.

President Chamisa, quoted by NewsDay said:
“I now stay in rural areas, I only visit Harare
I will be in another area this week because the challenges are in the rural areas. We have problems with water, infrastructure and a whole lot of issues, and that’s why at one point, we had a whole ministry dedicated to that. It’s only that they did not understand its importance.

For one to understand rural problems, you have to stay with them (rural people), and I personally grew up in the village and that is where I am staying and am only visiting Harare so that I understand more of what needs to be done.”

He added:
“Violence is an instrument of the weak and losing. Nobody deploys violence in their strongholds, never. It’s a lie that Zanu PF has a rural stronghold, I have seen it.

The relic (of Zanu PF) is terror, weaponisation of food aid and Zanu PF support programmes. That is their only life support. They have no organic connection with the masses, vakapiwa gupuro (they were divorced by the masses).”