Satanic Cult Exposes Makomichi’s Secret Powers
19 October 2021
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Own Correspondent

The Satanic church in South Africa has clashed with Masvingo preacher, Isaac Makomichi again.

The leaders of the church say the preacher is being used by aliens to perform miracles.

Makomichi’s followers claim he can make people rich and move mountains…
He also distributes controversial love charms.

Some believers says he is a true man of God while others say he is being used by the devil.

“We urge our members in Zimbabwe not to be deceived by Makomichi, as he is being used by the UFO & Aliens to confuse people through his magic. They are the ones who revealed to him the magic herbs,” a reverend with the satanic church claimed.

Makomichi says the said people are scared of his December visit to their church in Cape Town that’s why they continue fighting him.He also said they must contact him on +263777469342 instead of mocking him on social media platforms.

Controversial Masvingo preacher Isaac Makomichi