Major Setback For Waverley Managing Director Aron Vico
20 October 2021

By Jane Mlambo| Current Managing Director and grandson to the late Waverley Plastics Pvt Ltd owner Victor Cohen, Aron Vico’s bid to bar her aunt Amanda Berkowitz née Cohen from accessing the company premises crashed after the civil court dismissed his restraint application.

Vico had approached the court to stop Berkowitz from visiting Waverley Blankets premises which he called his workplace, claiming that she shouted at him on on her recent visits.

Vico also claimed that Berkowitz called him a thief and a gay boy and made threats of violence against him.

However the court dismissed Vico’s application, ruling that Amanda be allowed to visit Waverley premises as and when she wishes.

She was only ordered not to speak or insult Vico.

In her response to Vico’s restraint application, Berkowitz said the applicant had no right to bar her from visiting a company she is a shareholder.

She further informed the court Vico was just an employee in a company she is the majority shareholder.

“The applicant has no right to bar me from visiting a company in which I am the majority shareholder. The applicant is our employee. I am the majority shareholder of Waverley Blankets (Pvt) Ltd. See a copy of the CR2 attached as annexure “A”. Applicant has accordingly no right to bar a majority shareholder from visiting her company. Respondent denies making any threats of violence against the applicant,” said Berkowitz I her responses.

She told the court that she labelled Vico a thief and a gay boy because he is refusing to pay her dividends.

Berkowitz also said by removing her from being a director of the company Vico is not acting like a man hence the gay boy label.

“Whilst I visited him in his office, the purpose of my visit was to discuss the aspect of me buying him out of the company. I never shouted at the applicant. I labelled him a thief because he is refusing to pay us our dividends.

“I did shout thief and gay boy at the applicant. The reason is that he is refusing to pay dividends. He has denied me access to all company documents as stated above. He removed me as a director and I have suffered great prejudice as I am nolonger getting the Director fees I used to get when my father was still alive. He is not acting like a man,” added Berkowitz