Carl Joshua Ncube Reveals Divorce Move, Pleads For Privacy
21 October 2021

By A Correspondent- Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube yesterday morning dropped a bombshell on his fans when he posted on Facebook, his decision to separate with his wife of close to 10 years, Nelsy Ncube.

This announcement that surprised and left many disheartened was made days after the couple celebrated their ninth anniversary.

In his post, Carl who has been unwell and battling with sugar diabetes for a while now said due to depression and deteriorating health, he has not been getting along with Nelsy. As such, he said he has asked for a divorce.

“This week, I asked my wife for a divorce. We have not been getting along for a while added to the fact that I am also going through depression and my health has been steadily deteriorating.

“After many discussions, we have decided to go on separation while I seek professional help for my depression so that after this process, we can have a chance to deal with our marriage through counselling,” posted Carl on his Facebook page.

He went on to ask for privacy as he deals with this matter.

“. . . as such, we are just kindly requesting some time to deal with some huge issues privately if you can allow us that.

Thank you.”

Being the joker that he is, Chronicle Showbiz got in touch with the comedian to seek clarity. He indeed confirmed that the post was his doing and that all that was written was true and not a joke.

Following the announcement, friends and family of the couple have been sharing words of encouragement. From the comments, it was clear that people were disheartened and hoped for the power couple to get back together.

Comedian Q Dube Siziba commented: “Thoughts go out to you both.”

Showing that many were of the opinion that Carl was joking around, one fan, Andy Patea commented: “I thought Carl is at it again with his jokes.

I am praying for you guys, I have grown to admire you both, your love and union and it feels like you are divorcing me too. May the dear Lord restore that which has been broken and may he heal your spirit . . . sending both of you hugs and kisses.”

“I started reading your post and thought it was one of those viral messages to see who reads to the end and then I got to the end and realised it wasn’t. I pray for restoration in your marriage. I pray that the spirit of depression may be removed from your life and you may have peace and serenity,” commented another.

Anyone who follows Carl Joshua on social media would know how deeply he loves his wife. The two have been inspirational to many as their relationship goals were unmatched.

“I don’t know you personally, but I follow you and Nelsy on Facebook. You were my ideal couple. My prayer is that God restores your marriage. Really saddened by the divorce,” commented Constance Muchoni.

The fact that this post was made days after the couple celebrated their anniversary troubled many although they said they were relieved that all hope is not lost.

“I’m glad you haven’t closed the door yet and there is a chance of reconciliation when you find your own healing. Thoughts and prayers with you,” commented one.

On the issue of Carl admitting that he is depressed, his fans commended him for acknowledging it and seeking help.