NGO Denounces Assassination Attempt On President Chamisa
21 October 2021

Zimbabwe Election Advocacy Trust

We are highly stunned to learn that MDC Alliance President Adv Nelson Chamisa’s convoy was shot at in Mutare by hired ZANU PF thugs.

The aim was to block him from entering Mutare.It is appalling that bloodthirsty violence mongering vampires had the audacity and bravado to shoot at the car carrying Adv Chamisa.

This development is very worrisome and unfortunate.

It is such dispositions which has the prospensity of plunging the nation into stagnation and and strife.The country is regressing and retrograding to medieval and feudal era where great political questions of day were settled by violence.We have since adopted the principle that,”if ideology fail we will resort to geology” that is the use of stones as a politcal solution.

The violence in Mutare is crystal cleared evidence like the azure blue sky that ZANU PF has found politcal messiah in violence.

They are now using their well oiled violence spewing machinery as a means to coerce and punish dissenting voices.We call upon the ZANU PF leadership to desist from violence and whip their followers in line.

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