22 October 2021

The Harare City Council has approved the use of a digital mobile application in a bid to enhance service delivery reporting and monitoring for improved service provision in the City.

The initiative is a product of the City of Harare in partnership with the Combined Harare Residents Association. 

The mobile application known as TauraHarare will allow Harare residents to report on issues of service delivery around their communities via WhatsApp, Sms and Facebook Messenger and automatically get responses instantly.

On the other hand, the application has provisions for residents to view their monthly statements, pay bills, report problems of service delivery and to view Covid 19 updates in Harare.

The objective of the mobile application is to improve responsiveness of the local authority, rates payment and improve communication between the local authority and residents.

Adoption of the TauraHarare mobile application comes at a time when the Government of Zimbabwe is encouraging the use of digital platforms in addressing service delivery issues and citizen engagement.

CHRA and City of Harare will embark on a public awareness drive to urge residents of Harare to download and make use of this Application, which has the potential to significantly address the communication challenges currently ensuing between residents and Council.

The Association will also seek partnership with like-minded CSOs to popularize the mobile application within their constituencies.