Mistress Takes Lover’s Wife Picture, Captions It With Nudes Posts On Social Media
22 October 2021

By A Correspondent- A secret love affair between a tenant and a married man was exposed after a child stumbled on the lovebirds’ nud_e pictures and informed her mother leading to the breakdown of the marriage.

Ellen Phiri (32) has been married to Chenjerai Samu (43) and they have children together.

Ellen is a hairdresser while the alleged marriage wrecker, Sukoluhle Sibanda, who is well known as Langa was her major client.

The two got so close and Ellen offered her a place to rent at her home in Matshobane suburb when she left in 2019 to stay in South Africa. She left their children in Matshobane.

While she was in South Africa, her husband Chenjerai Samu (43) fell in love with Langa.

The source said: “Chenjerai would visit to see the children.

“During that time, the two developed a r0mance after which they fell in love and they would book at a city lodge where they would engage in se_x. After certain se_x sessions they would capture nud_es.”

The insider went on to say, Chenjerai revealed that he would have se_x with Langa so as to hurt Ellen.

“It seems Chenjerai was avenging because he once disclosed to Ellen’s relative that he was sleeping with Langa so as to hurt her because he discovered that she once cheated on him,” said the source.

During one of her routine visits, their child stumbled on Chenjerai and Langa’s nudes on his phone and told her mother.

“The child informed her mother leading to the exposure of the secret love affair,” said the source.

Ellen said after the expose, Chenjerai apologised.

“He apologised profusely but I told him that we have to engage our parents so as to solve this matter but he has not bothered to meet my parents and how can I forgive him because this matter is beyond me and it now involves my family,” she said.

Ellen added: “After that I phoned Langa complaining why she was wrecking my marriage. She insulted me.”

In a bid to hurt her and embarrass her, Langa reportedly took Ellen’s image and captioned it with nud_e pictures and messages pointing out how much she charges for se_x.

The message read: “Welcome to Ellen, for blow job R150, R600 night without protection, anal se_x R50, night R1000 and night without protection R1000.”

Alongside the image she put nud_es showing a woman’s private parts and butt0cks and another image where a hand holds a man 0rgan.

She fingered Langa and said she wanted to sue her.

“It’s Langa who captioned my picture with those messages and put nud_e images. I want to sue her for defaming my character,” she said.

Contacted for a comment Langa said: “Who told you that? And why can’t you ask those people who told you.”

When this reporter pressed on she said: “Kulendoda yenja (Is there a woman who falls in love with a dog)”.

Before he terminated the call Chenjerai said: “I have no comment. And why are you concerned about it.”