Vapositori Affiliate With Zanu PF?
23 October 2021

ONE of the largest apostolic sects with membership across the southern African region has applied for official affiliate status with Zanu PF and in return, the sect leaders would rally their followers to vote for the ruling party.

The sect said the ruling party had listed opposition to homosexuality and same sex marriages as one of the main requirements for collaboration.

Zimbabwe criminalises same-sex relations, but the Constitution guarantees rights such as equality and non-discrimination.

Zanu PF has, however, listed resolute opposition to homosexuality and same sex marriages in response to the request by the leadership of the apostolic congregation, Johane Masowe WechiShanu WeAfrica.

This followed a meeting that Zanu PF acting political commissar Patrick Chinamasa held with the church’s leader, Bishop Andby Makururu on September 2.

Makururu was accompanied by 37 members drawn from the district and provincial leadership ranks, including members of the 250-large “prophetic council”.

“The meeting explored modalities for collaboration between the church and Zanu PF, especially in the area of economic empowerment, agriculture, mining, touring etc … They applied for affiliate status with Zanu PF and I briefed them on the requirements,” Chinamasa revealed in a series of tweets. – NewsDay