Zanu PF DCC Brutally Assaults Minor Over Girl
23 October 2021

By A Correspondent- A 17 year old Madziwa boy was allegedly brutally assaulted by ZANU PF Shamva Distirict Coodinating Chairman over a school girl (form 3) last Wednesday.

An insider told the case that happened at Zvomuya Village, Chief Mutumba in Madziwa left form three pupil at Exodus Academy, (name provided) was left with a  broken tooth, burst head vein and  internal injuries on his abdomen after the alleged attack

It is alleged that on October 13 at around 1800hrs, the victimwas standing with his schoolmate  who had borrowed his notes, in front of her house when Muchemwa approached and stopped his vehicle in front of the two. 

Muchemwa started talking to the girl but there was no effective communication because the engine was still running. 

“Muchemwa then instructed the boy to walk away and the boy’s phone mistakenly lit on Muchemwa’s face and that did not go down well with him,” said the source. 

Muchemwa hit the boy with a fist once and he fell down before the fists started raining like monsoon. 

“Neighbors came to the boy’s rescue after hearing too much noise and tried to intervene and failed, but they later succeeded as the Chairman wanted more of the boy. 

Muchemwa’s son followed the boy and slapped him thrice on the face before they could let him go,” revealed the source. 

Muchemwa, who has previous violent records,  also shouted at the boy telling him that he will not stay in the area for long and threatened that the police will not do anything to him, not do anything to him since he is DCC chair.

Sources claimed Muchemwa has interests in the girl and does not want any man near her. 

The boy reported  the cazs at Madziwa Police station  under RRB number 4696663 but Muchemwa has not yet been apprehended up to the time of publication. 

Contacted for comment, Muchemwa said, “What do you want me to comment about that?” before he hung up his phone. 

Police could not be reached for comment.