Zanu PF Youths Throw Chiwenga Under The Bus
23 October 2021

By A Correspondent- Zanu PF youth league has announced that they want to push for the amendment of the party constitution to give more years for Emmerson Mnangagwa to stay in power.

If this happens, it would mean that Mnangagwa’s deputy Constantino Chiwenga who is fighting to takeover power from the incumbent, would be doomed.

Chiwenga believes he should be the President because he helped to Mnangagwa, in 2017 when they removed the former President, Robert Mugabe, through a coup.

The party’s youth leader Tendai Chirau said Mnangagwa must rule forever.

Said Chirau:
We agreed that it is important that if the constitution of the country can be amended so that he (Mnangagwa) can have more than two terms.
Chirau also said that the ZANU PF youth league is endorsing President Mnangagwa as their 2023 presidential candidate. He said:

The first thing we discussed and agreed on as the executive national youth league is that His Excellency President Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is our sole candidate for the party in the 2023 elections because he has shown less than three years good leadership so we do believe that he should continue.