Court Postpones Amanda Cohen’s Trial As Waverley Inheritance Feud Takes Another Twist
27 October 2021

By A Correspondent| Harare Magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti Guwuriro has postponed the trial of Amanda Berkowitz, the daughter of Waverley Plastics Pvt Ltd founder, the late Victor Cohen to 11 November to allow one of the affidavits used as evidence to be authenticated by the High Court.

Berkowitz is facing perjury charges after her nephew Aron Vico claimed that she lied before the court that she is a subscriber to Waverley Plastics Pvt Ltd shares.

Bekorwitz and her sister Belynda Halfon nee Cohen are embroiled in an inheritance dispute with Vico who is the current Managing Director of Waverley Plastics Pvt Ltd.

The two daughters of the late Victor Cohen alleges that since their father’s death, they have not received any dividend and have been elbowed out of their company, which they each own 33,3 percent shares.

On Monday, Berkowitz’s trial which started two weeks ago, continued after she submitted certified copies of her documentary evidence to the state but it did not take long before the court adjourned after one of her affidavits was disputed for lacking authentication.

Muchuchuti ordered that the affidavit where Berkowitz said she subscribed to Waverley Plastics Pvt Ltd needed to be authenticated by the High Court before it can be accepted as part of her evidence.

In her testimony in court, Berkowitz described Vico as a big liar and a dishonest person while she also raised perjury allegations against him for lying under oath that he knew nothing about his dismissal by the company directors as per disciplinary hearing determination filed by JT Mawire.

Meanwhile, police tried once again to arrest Berkowitz on a fresh charge of perjury last week.

Her sister Debra Vico filed the charge alleging Berkowitz perjured herself by saying her father was a director of Ram Investments.

Berkowitz has filed serious complaints at Harare Central and produced certified CR14 and annual returns showing that her father was indeed a director.

Another malicious attempt to arrest her. In another arrest attempt Berkowitz has been summoned to Braeside police station to face a charge of assault against Vico for calling him a ‘thief’ and a ‘gay boy’.