Zanu PF Using Sanctions Rhetoric To Atone For Rampant Looting
27 October 2021

Blaming targeted sanctions is a convenient scapegoat to distract the suspecting citizenry from stinking corruption, economic mismanagement and failure to respect human rights, Mdc Alliance Namibia posits.

25 October 2021

Mdc Alliance Namibia would like to categorically distance itself from Nick Mangwana’s tweet pointing to a small portion of Zanupf-sponsored economic fugitives in the streets of Namibia demonstrating against targeted sanctions on murderers and thieves in Zanupf government. It was quite exhilarating to see a fake portrait of Zimbabweans in Namibia siding with the perpetrators of our suffering. As social democrats who subscribe to the national democratic revolution led by President Advocate Nelson Chamisa, we remain clear that the economic decay in Zimbabwe is caused by senseless looting and corruption in Zanupf not targeted sanctions.

Nick Mangwana should justify or explain why Zimbabweans are poverty-stricken when they are blessed with abundant minerals resources, rich farmlands,the most perfect weather, astonishing national parks, well-educated and industrious people. The availability of these with or without targeted sanctions should equip our motherland as the economic powerhouse and the breadbasket of Southern Africa and even more famous as a tourist destination as well as business opportunity, as it once was. It is very clear to change seekers in Namibia that there are now less than 141 Zimbabwean people and companies on the U.S sanctions’ list. We comprehend that they are on the list for a good reason and they must stay there until they start respecting human rights.

It cannot be disputed that these individuals and companies on the list of targeted sanctions from the U.S and European Union have engaged in massive corruption, committed human rights abuses , and undermined Zimbabwe’s democratic process. To make the record straight on targeted sanctions, Mdc Alliance Namibia has the conviction that there is no U.S trade embargo on Zimbabwe and the same again applies to European Union imposed sanctions. Zimbabweans in Namibia are very excited to tell the whole world that targeted sanctions are not responsible for Zimbabwe falling tragically short of its potential. The fault automatically lies in catastrophic maladministration by the thugocratic Harare regime and the politically-bankrupt government’s gross abuse of its own citizens.

Furthermore, there is incontestable evidence to prove that the greatest sanctions on Zimbabwe are limitations the country imposes on itself. It is quite unbelievable and pathetic to learn that those who are blaming sanctions have placed our beloved country at number 160 out of 175 nations on Transparency International’s corruption list. Our country loses more than US$1 billion per year to stomach politicians in Zanupf government and their surrogates.

That is astronomical compared to the size of Zimbabwe’s entire economy-around US$$26 billion. We will join Zanupf in their unfounded sanctions mantra when they take fighting corruption and abuse of basic human freedoms seriously. As long as they continue dramatising their fight for corruption, we shall also move on castigating their political hypocrisy.

Moreover, the clueless Zanupf regime always says fighting corruption is fundamental but have government and government-connected perpetrators been held accountable for their stinking corruption and high levels of human butchery? NO. American companies are interested in investing in Zimbabwe but they are seriously deterred by the massive levels of corruption, economic uncertainty,and weak rule of law. ZanuPF scares investors through its suicidal policies like the 49% to 51%_implying that the investor gets less than his or her investment so investors give us a cold shoulder and turn to other promising opportunities in the region. We are calling Nick Mangwana and his desperate regime to embrace the political, electoral and economic reforms that would make it a more attractive and conducive destination.

It is on record that an American firm won the tender for the construction of the Dema Power plant in 2016,but unfortunately due to the cancerous cartel politics in Zimbabwe the satanic Zanupf regime cancelled the contract and awarded it to their ally in belly politics, Sakunda Holdings,which had not even placed a bid. There are more conspicuous examples of great graft and corruption since everyone in Zanupf has been equally affected by the corruption blight starting from the late archbishop of corruption and self-enrichment ,Robert Mugabe to the illiterate who are being condomised by the regime to demonstrate against the people’s hope.

In addition, Mdc Alliance Namibia believes that if the country’s democratic laws were unselectively applied and enforced , government coffers would be full to capacity and the economy would be once again put on a sounder footing ,tax revenue and foreign exchange would not leak from the treasury ,and the Zanupf morons would recover some of the money that has made a privileged few filthy rich. It’s not sanctions but corruption! Mdc Alliance Namibia Rundu Branch Spokesperson Robson Ruhanya reiterates. The Zimbabwe Electricity Distribution Company, a subsidiary of ZESA , paid US$4.9 million to Pito investments for transformers in 2010. The transformers were never delivered to date. Similarly, the Zimbabwe Power Company paid 196,064 Southern African Rands to York investments for gas that was never delivered and US$67,000 for coal that was never delivered.

Given the above background of unprecedented graft and corruption it becomes apparent that corruption is at the epicentre of why Zimbabweans are toiling and scattered across the globe.

It’s not sanctions ,it’s just the betrayal of the social contract. There are many perpetrators of self-aggrandisement who are walking free when our own democratic fighters suffer in prisons for being an alternative to Satan. Mdc Alliance Namibia is cognisant of the disappeared US$15 billion in 2015-16 from Marange diamond mine according to the Zanupf father of corruption and human rights abuses. More than US$2.8 billion vanished into thin air from command agriculture while US$60 million disappeared with the former health minister Obadiah Moyo who was recently acquited in the usual Catch and Release fashion. Prisca Mupfumira also harvested thousands if not millions of public funds from NSSA and she is walking scot free.

In a nutshell , Mdc Alliance Namibia’s message to Zanupf, SADC sympathisers and the illiterate victims who are being exploited is that since the desperate Harare regime has set the goal of becoming a middle-income country. To get there ,the government should fulfil its mandate of upholding the rule of law , commit to fighting corruption ,respecting human rights ,and fully implementing Zimbabwe’s 2013 constitution. ZanuPF and their enablers should know that only progress on these goals is the panacea to socio-economic prosperity and deeper engagement with the international community. It’s corruption,it’s not sanctions!

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Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya