Open Letter To Emmerson Mnangagwa, Police, Soldiers …
31 October 2021

Protect Citizens Of Zimbabwe, Dont Victimize!!

This message goes to our state security agents, the police and soldiers.Your job is to protect the citizens of Zimbabwe not a few corrupt individuals- everything you do remember you swore to uphold the constitution of the much as I understand you work with orders I advise any order that is unconstitutional should be disregarded.people are tired, let them exercise their rights it’s not a crime after all they are fighting for a better Zimbabwe for all.

Be professional in the way you exercise your duties, looters are the ones who belong in prison not peaceful protesters and political activists- every ordinary citizen looks up to you to bring back sanity in the once bread basket of Africa.

Because of this preditor’s club you call ZANU PF every dignified institution has lost value.ZEC has become a ZANU PF Endorsement Commission while the heroes acre has become a Mafia’s resting place.

Taneta nemadhara apera zano.
Let’s give Chamisa the chance to turn things around.

Frank Mandebvu
MDCA Activist
Chibi South

Mr Mnangagwa