Prophetess In Soup Over Abortion
31 October 2021

By A Correspondent- A self-proclaimed prophetess has been arrested after he allegedly gave a teenage girl muti to terminate her pregnancy causing her to bleed excessively from her private parts.

The 17-year-old pregnant teenage girl from Magombo compound in umguza district approached the self-proclaimed prophetess, Caroline Ndlela (25), who gave her a concoction which she drank.

After taking the concoction, the teenager suffered stomach complications and bled excessively, said a source. The teenager felt intense pain in her stomach and private parts as blood oozed out. She had to frequent the toilet and left blood stains and that sold her out.

A family member reported the matter to the village head of the area, Enita Ngwenya.
Ngwenya confirmed the incident : “I received such a report and the matter is being handled by the police.”

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident and urged such offenders to seek help from health institutions rather than to seek help from bogus prophets or traditional healers.