Harare CSO Being Victimised For Exposing Graft
2 November 2021

By A Correspondent| City of Harare Chief Security officer Collen Tongoona has come out guns blazing against the City Fathers he accuses of allegedly suppressing him from assuming a rotational position that has gone vacant at the entity.

This follows the role he played in investigating over 50 councillors whose cases are before the courts for illicit land deals where scores were duped of their hard earned money through a land allocation scam, he alleges.

A leaked document in possession of this publication exposes the ongoing impasse.
Tongoona believes that “The position of head Public Safety Division (PSD) fell vacant when the incumbent, Negion Moyo’s contract expired. The department is currently filling the position by way of acting appointments”.

He said that acting appointments at the entity are governed by Statutory Instrument 135 of 2012, Collective Bargaining Agreement: Harare Municipal Undertaking (General Conditions of Service.

“…in terms of clause 1 (1), the agreement shall be binding on the employer and employees from Grades 16 to 5 in the Harare Municipal Undertaking.”

He further states that clause 27 (4)(d) of the SI outlines limitations surrounding a person co-opted to the vacant post will operate:

“An employee who has been appointed to act in a higher position shall continue to act in such position for a continuous period of three months and any extension shall be for a maximum non-renewable period of six months.”

Clause 27 (4) (g) of the said SI also stipulates that, “ The rotation shall apply in instances where more than one employee of the same standing level, experience and qualifications exist and qualify to act to act in the higher position.”

Tongoona feels he is being overly treated unfairly as he is competent enough to assume the post on a rotational bases as provided for by the cited clauses.
In the letter he further explains that in the said Division there are two employees of the same level , experience and qualifications these two, that is himself and the Chief traffic officer who are all under grade 5 but this has not been followed.

He claims that the Chief traffic Officer Martin Chimombe was re-appointed against procedure sidelining him.

“However, instead of applying the rotation principle, the Acting Chamber secretary Warren Chiwawa went on to re-appoint the Chief Traffic Officer to act in the position of Head PSD, side-lining myself ayet we are of the same standing level, experience and qualifications. This is against the spirit of fairness or impartiality espoused by clause 27 (40(g).

“Chimombe is for some reason being favoured while I have become a victim for obvious reasons. I am being victimized for being the chief security Officer of the Harare Metropolitan Police (HMP) at a time the section exposed massive corruption in the disposal of land throughout the city of Harare leading to the arrest of more than 50 council officials including executives who occupied influential positions, and I am a signatory to all their internal investigation reports.

He further states that the victimisation also arises from that fact that he is a “key State witness for 10 officials with land scandal cases before the courts. This is the reason why I am being victimised and side-lined for the appointment to act in the position of Head PSD,” he said.

Tongoona claims that Chimombe was also appointed in that position so as to superintend over the department which was investigating him.

“Mr Chimombe has not wasted time in using the appointment to deal with potential witnesses with the able assistance of the the Acting Chamber Secretary Mr Warren Chiwawa. They have used their positions to cause an investigation against me and an unknown others from HMP which investigation is seeking to discredit the allegations against Mr Chimombe as detailed in the report dated April 17, 2020.,” he said.