BREAKING: Yuda’s Car Vandalised By Suspected ZANU PF Assailants After Successful Anti-ED Demo
3 November 2021
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By A Correspondent | The heroic television whistleblower, Shepherd Yuda has suffered an attack in two of his cars just after a successful three day demonstration against Emmerson Mnangagwa that caused the ZANU PF leader to be banned from his famous Trades Hall Glasgow building celebration party.

Yuda had arrived at his home when a few minutes later after coming back to his parking lot he suddenly found his first car’s driver’s window smashed in by an unknown object.

Soon after that, he also found his second car pelted with eggs, though without visible damage.

Nothing was stolen.

Police were informed of the direct and unequivocal threats against his life by a ZANU PF activist who spoke via live video on Monday night.

Speaking to ZimEye, Yuda said the person(s) who did this were driven by revenge for the humiliation Mnangagwa suffered at the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

Below is the live video he filmed shortly after the attack.