Hot Trends Analysis : 90% Of Famous Zim Slayqueens Depend On Makomichi’s Love Muti- True or False?
3 November 2021

Own Correspondent
The Hot Trends Analysis platform says the majority of famous Zimbabwean ladies depend on love charms…

According to African tradition, love charms are believed to lure men, exaggerate beauty and enable a lady to have total control of a man.

However, some describe using charms as evil and unacceptable.

Love charms came under the spotlight in Zimbabwe after controversial preacher Isaac Makomichi visited Ghana in 2020 and came back with the so called “anointed love potion herb”

He then gave his number +263777469342 to the public saying that he was selling love charms to ladies.

Several people have been criticising the charm- some say it works wonders, yet others say it’s evil.

The Hot Trends Analysis platform has said most of famous Zim ladies depend on Makomichi’s love charms.

“I don’t believe in charms, I have faith in my natural beauty.I know of big names who use that charm but for me I believe it is part of satanism! Why do you have to force someone to give you gifts? It’s for cheap ladies who just want to be rich without working,” said Miss Fungai.

Isaac Makomichi