Amanda Cohen’s Trial Opens A Can Of Worms As Evidence Weakens Complainant Aron Vico’s Case
4 November 2021

By A Correspondent| The ongoing trial of Waverley Plastics shareholder and daughter to the founder Amanda Berkowitz nee Cohen for perjury charges has opened a can of worms amid allegations that the current Managing Director Aron Vico who is the complainant in this case confirmed in one of the emails sent to Chartered Accountant AA Omar that she is a subscriber to the company.

Berkowitz is facing charges of perjury after Vico reported her to the police for ‘making a false statement under oath that she subscribed to Waverley Plastic Private Limited.

But Harare magistrate Vongai Guwuriro Muchuchuti was told that Vico confirmed to AA Omar Chartered Accountants that Berkowitz subscribed to Waverley Plastics.

According to the evidence submitted by Berkowitz before the Harare Magistrates court, Vico confirmed in an email to Omar that she was indeed a subscriber.She also exposed fake CR14 which was sent by AA Omar in May 2019 to Berkowitz’ lawyers.

Also Berkowitz exposed a fraudulent set of memos and articles of association submitted by AA Omar to Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAZ).

Berkowitz fuethermore submitted an affidavit from the Registrar of Companies confirming the names of subscribers to Waverley Plastics namely Debra Vico, Amanda Berkowitz, Belynda Halfon and Stella Viclay Cohen.

Berkowitz described Vico as a big liar and a dishonest person while she also raised perjury allegations against him for lying under oath that he knew nothing about his dismissal by the company directors as per disciplinary hearing determination filed by JT Mawire.

As part of her evidence, she submitted an affidavit from the Deeds office confirming her subscription, CR2, CR14 as well as a fraudulent Memorandum of Association which was prepared by AA Omar Chartered Accountants.