MDC Alliance Youths Castigates State Over Arrest of Headman Chiadzwa
6 November 2021

MDC Alliance Masvingo Provincial Youth Assembly is in solidarity with the Traditional leaders who are being persecuted for their own birthright heritage.

This follows the arrest of Headman Chiyadzwa and his subjects for staging a protest against one of the diamond miming companies in the area.

“Dictatorial moves have spread wings across all areas in Zimbabwe. The abuse of the law by the Zanu pf top officials to suit their needs is now too much to contend with. The issue of politicising traditional chiefs as Political commissars is unacceptable,” said provincial youth spokesperson Timothy Muswere.

“Disrespect of culture and heritage is not only inhuman but a source to avenging spirits in our traditional norms. Recently in Masvingo the Chief’s council president Charumbira uttered political sentiments at a Zanu pf gathering. Without the constent of other Chiefs he dwclared their unretrievable link with Zanu pf which is false.

“Our message as Masvingo Youths is that we might be deemed bornfrees but we were never free. Our message to Chief Charumbira is stop abusing your post to mumur words on behalf of all Chiefs without their consent. They are not programmed robots who should follow what you want. Most Chiefs want to be independent and faily cater for us all irregardless of political affiliation. In Manicaland the authorities are pushing the intrests of the Chineese ahead of the local people. President Chamisa has a clear policy on Traditional leaders which articulates the need for their respect and independent from politics. President Chamisa also advocates for involvement of the local people and traditional leaders in issues of development,” he added.