‘Bogus’ Education Institution Under Fire For Operating Illegally
10 November 2021

By Jane Mlambo| A Midlands based academic institution Macronet International Association is in hot soup over allegations that they are duping learners through misrepresentation as a registered institution.

ZimEye understands that the organisation is not registered with Hexco but is operating as a Trust deceiving people of various amounts of money in United States dollars. has reportedly The organisazion is owned by Edwin Ncube who is believed to hail from Zhombe in Midlands province but is domiciled in Gweru’s Mkoba suburb.

Most of those duped by the shady organisation state that it purportedly offers training courses and certificates in hotel management, tourism and catering, nurse aide courses, receptionist courses amongst others.

Once clients part with amounts varying between US$90-US$200, promised services are reportedly withheld and are instead offered what was not agreed upon.

Checks by ZimEye established that despite offering these courses, Macronet International Association is not accredited with the Higher Examinations Council (HEXCO) neither is it recognised by the Zimbabwe Youth Council (ZYC).

Officials from the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education’s Quality control department who spoke on condition of anonymity said, “Macronet International Association is not registered with them and their certificates are not recognized.”

The official said parents and guardians need be extra careful not to lose their hard earned cash to fraudulent entities who claim to offer courses which are not recognized or registered.

In Zhombe, the organisation is allegedly charging US$90 for first aid courses and then promises prospective clients with jobs after completion of the short courses.

Sources say the organisation has spread its wings to Matabeleland where it has reportedly partnered the Matebeleland Youth Association purporting to offer higher and tertiary courses.

Recently, Ncube was hauled before the courts in Bulawayo on allegations of fraud. Maureen Malandu (40) of Mpopoma and Memory Madyara (32) of Makokoba paid US$200 for ambulance technician courses at the college, but instead were taught first aid.

The court heard that Ms Malandu paid US$110 while Ms Madyara parted with US$90 after they were informed that the amount would cover items needed for the completion of the course.

However, Ncube was not asked to plead over the matter.

Macronet is still on the prowl using the same modus operandi to defraud students who seek higher education as a solution to poverty.

Some of the duped clients have since reported to the police while some have directly reported to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) where an inside source confirmed.Ncube could not be reached for comment.