Sibangilizwe Nkomo To Be Appointed Zimbabwe 2nd Vice President?
13 November 2021

7 months have gone by, the Zanu pf annual conference has come and gone. But there is still a defeaning silence from the Zimbabwe presidium concerning the replacement of former 2nd VP Kembo Mohadi who unceremoniously resigned 7 months ago.

Who will replace him and when? Why is it taking President Emmerson Mnangagwa so long to replace Kembo Mohadi while it took just a few weeks for late President Robert Mugabe to replace Joice Mujuru?

That is the juicy part of the story!

We have taken note of the fact that in the 7 month  period of the absence of 2nd Vice President, a position reserved for Matabele in the Zimbabwe presidium,  not even one Matabele, outside or within Zanupf, has bothered to question let alone demand the appointment of another Matabele as 2nd Vice President of Zimbabwe.

They understand the situation better. Matabeles are now fully aware that this position is a political dummy meant to deceive them and the world that Zimbabweans (Shonas) and Matabele are united yet the relationship is that of an oppressor and the oppressed.

They also know that this inferior position is a mockery meant to humiliate Matabele people and used to send an unambiguous message that Matabeles are mere second class citizens in Zimbabwe.

Zanupf is on a desperate political drive to rescue its fictitious state formed on 18 April 1980 which is in a state of paralysis in Matabeleland. Matabeleland independence forces have poked serious holes into the so called Unity Accord and exposed tribal oppression, tribal hatred, tribal segregation and hegemony hidden behind the Unity Accord mask.

And this deceptive political arrangement has been squashed beyond repair under the big wheel of Matabeleland restoration cause, sending shock waves down the spine of the oppressor Harare.
Zanupf is facing rebellion within its own structures in Matabeleland. It’s provincial and lower structures are in a state of dysfunction as concietised  Matabeles are now openly resisting imposition of Shona leaders resulting in political chaos ie tribal tensions which has lead to periodical suspension of Zanupf structures in Matabeleland.

Many if not all Matabele people refuse to be addressed in Shona, the language of oppression, causing a political headach for Zanupf and Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe as this is a clear sign of rejection. We have taken the war right into the enemy camp.

Enter Sibangilizwe Nkomo. He wears indlukula ( traditional head gear) and carries a staff which were his late father and 2nd Vice President of Zimbabwe’s political identity. The fellow is ridding on his father’s political wave. But on the political scale he is a light weight that lacks knowledge, swag, colour, charisma and character. In short he is a political joke in comparison to his father. 

But his masters in Harare strongly believe that the political novice  possesses a political magnet to pull all Matabeles towards the slaughter house which is Harare and rescue Zimbabwe, which is clearly crumbling under the mighty pressure exerted by the Matabeleland revolution.

 He has been roped in by the Zimbabwe government mainly to kill Matabeleland cause using ZAPU and the the political brand, “Nkomo”. When tribal oppressors are grasping at straws to save a fast disentergrating fake state!.

Beware yee Matabele! There comes a wolf in the ship skin. He shall denounce Matabeleland cause based on a lie that his father was against it and sign a new Unity Accord with President Mnangagwa to become the 2nd Vice President of Zimbabwe. That is the reason why Mnangagwa is delaying the appointment of the new 2nd VP. He is waiting for his plant , Sibangilizwe Nkomo, to gain political ground in Matabeleland. 

Said one member of the first ZAPU Council of Elders about Sibangilizwe’s controversial rise to ZAPU leadership, “All of us are still shocked to learn that he is throwing his hat in the ring as a contender for ZAPU leadership. Early one morning l woke up to a headline that says “Sibangilizwe wants to lead ZAPU”. I could not believe that here is a man who has never set foot in any of the ZAPU meeting including those held at his (Dr Nkomo’s residence in Phelandaba) for more than 30 years, when he will drive off leaving us alone. How this man wants to lead ZAPU at this point beats imagination.” Who is this man, not recognised by the ZAPU Council of Elders? This says it all. A turncoat out to mislead the people of Matabeleland. 

The political brand, “Nkomo” has been used and abused by the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe  to mislead the people of Matabeleland since 1987.The tactic has worked like magic for the oppressors in Harare until now when the people of Matabeleland have realised that following the brand “Nkomo” is like voluntarily walking into a slaughter house in Harare. People of Matabeleland created that brand and it is in their hands to destroy it especially now that it is used by the enemy to oppress them. 

All eyes in Matabeleland are on Sibangelizwe Nkomo. People are watching each and every move of his. Never again shall the people of Matabeleland be led into oppression by one selfish Nkomo family member who cannot think beyond bread crumbs and small change that he receives from Harare. 

We know Joshua Nkomo and his son Sibangilizwe Nkomo as sons of Matabeleland. But the Nkomo brand as hijacked by the enemies of Matabeleland is dangerous to Matabele nation.

Only a fool will believe that the Nkomos own Matabeleland such that they would follow any political dwarf as long as they carry the Nkomo surname. Only a fool will believe that Matabeles will fall for this latest and cheapest political strategy.  

Matabeles are not political blind. They know what they want. It is not Zimbabwe that they want. It is not Sibangilizwe or any Nkomo that they want. But they want the restoration of Matabeleland independence and sovereignty. 

Izenzo Kungemazwi!

Israel Dube MLO Secretary for Information and Puplic Affairs