Kasukuwere Forming A New Alliance With Chamisa To Remove Mnangagwa, Won’t That Help?, War Vet Magwenzi Asks.
14 November 2021

Saviour Kasukuwere

Last month, a UK based lawyer, Lloyd Msipa suggested that the MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa must invite exiled ZANU PF hardliners into a power sharing convergence, otherwise his movement will fall flat.

Msipa, who is a founding member of former minister Nkosana Moyo’s APPA party, said Chamisa must create a model that has a power sharing with former ZANU PF cadres.

Lloyd Msipa

As Zimbabwe readies for the 2023 polls, Msipa’s comments come after other G40 members called for the same.

Said Msipa, ” in the absence of a big tent approach that incorporates key former ZANU PF cadres ahead of 2023, the Citizen Convergence model will fall flat on its face.

“Penetrating rural electorate requires unity of purpose across political divide.

“It shouldn’t be so, but that is our reality!”

As former ZANU PF National Commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere prepares to enter politics, he has promised eight things he says he will address once Head Of State. They are:

I. Community empowerment,

2. Youth unemployment

3. Security of Land tenure

4. Reconciliation in the party

5. Doing away with polarization in the country 6. Security for every citizen

7. Minerals to benefit every citizen

8. Fighting CORRUPTION