Prophet Freddy Hit By Trumped Up Charges, Says Captain Matapo.
18 November 2021

The exiled former army captain, Albert Matapo has said the arrested self proclaimed, Prophet T Freddy has been hit by trumped up charges.

The Goodness and Mercy Ministries Founder and Leader Tapiwa Freddy was Thursday arrested by police on allegations of rape.

Freddy is expected to appear in court today.

Writing on Thursday, Matapo said:

Albert Matapo

I am reliably informed that the self proclaimed prophet, the one who make people defecate in church has been arraigned to the courts on trumped up rape charges.

This is what happens when we have leaders who do not respect laws. I am hearing that there are so many trumped up cases throughout Zimbabwe and innocent people are being jailed.

This is a tragedy. This should save as a lesson to all of us that supporting leaders who boast about ignoring laws like ED who says he is the court, he is the Police, Govt, etc, and like Chamisa who refused to respect their own party constitution and is today proud of being anti constitution, is no good.

By so doing we are supporting barbarism. When you are a leader, no matter it hurts but always face the truth and respect laws. Innocent people should never be jailed. Treat all people equally.