Met Warns Of Violent Storm
19 November 2021

By A Correspondent- The Meteorological Service Department (MSD) department has warned of violent storms that can blow off rooftops and uproot trees.

MSD says these violent storms were expected in the country any day from and would last for five days.

In a statement on Friday, MSD said the destructive rains would end on Wednesday.
“Moisture is drifting into the country from Botswana through Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South Provinces. This coupled with the high temperatures over much of the country should result in thunderstorms which may be violent in places (coupled with strong winds, lightning, hail and heavy rains in some places). This is normal for this time of the year, especially in a season which is expected to have normal to above normal rains,” said MSD.

In light of the rains, members of the public have been warned of lightning and strong winds, localised heavy rains (in excess of 30 mm) and hailstorms in some places.
MSD said there are chances that the storms will blow off roof tops, loosen debris and fell trees due to strong winds and the public
It encouraged members of the public to stay indoors.
“If you urgently need to travel, take caution on the roads as roads may be slippery, and contain hidden dangers covered by water, including fallen trees, utility poles and live wires,” said MSD.