“Prophet” Makomichi Seeks Mortuary Visit To Resurrect The Dead
22 November 2021
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Own Correspondent

As the bible says that they will be many false prophets who will perform great miracles using evil powers, health officials are in shock after controversial cleric,
Isaac Makomichi, wrote a letter seeking permission to visit all mortuaries to resurrect the dead.

Reports say Makomichi, in his letter to the government, indicated that the deceased would live again for 12 hours so to enable him/ her to say last wishes.

Makomichi was not immediately available at the time of publishing.

Makomichi was reportedly barred by the government from moving “the Marimba mountain for 12 minutes.”

Some believers describe Makomichi as a magician.

“We know he can do it and we have heard a lot about his powers but the fact is that he is a sangoma or a magician not a prophet,” said Bishop Zigari.

Isaac Makomichi