Fresh Details On Fire That Killed ZIDA CEO Douglas Munatsi
29 November 2021
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Northfields Owners Association

The association wishes to advise stakeholders that at approximately 02.50AM, on Monday 29th November, a fire was detected by the occupant of flat C9 in Northfields.

There was no electricity at the time due to a cable fault.

The occupant in C10 heard commotion and noise, and went to his balcony to investigate further.

There, he heard from the occupant of C9 that there was a fire and he asked to call the fire brigade.

At 02.59, the fire brigade was called, and they arrived at 03.11.

They fought the blaze for 2 hrs, and despite their efforts, they were unable to save the occupant of C9, who is believed to be Mr Douglas Munatsi.

Thanks must be given to the professionalism and endeavors of the City of Harare Fire Brigade. Without their intervention, is it very likely that more lives would have been lost and more property destroyed.

The Association has engaged the services of a forensic fire investigator to assess the cause the of the fire.

C Gardiner
Northfields Owners Association
29 November, 2021