Stop Killing Innocent Citizens- VP Karenyi-Kore Challenges Zanu PF
29 November 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|Avenging spirits will torment those who kill innocent citizens, MDC Alliance vice president Hon Lynette Karenyi-Kore has said.

Speaking at the burial of MDC Alliance member Nyasha Zhambe, ( ward 24, Gutu South Constituency) Hon Karenyi-Kore pointed out that Zanu PF was responsible for the opposition activist’s death.

Zhambe was buried in Gutu District, Mawere area on Saturday.

Said Hon Karenyi-Kore:”
This is a sad situation. Nyasha was brutally murdered by Zanu PF members.

The young man had a bright future that he was deprived of by the regime.

Let me warn those who are being assigned to kill innocent citizens that ngozi( avenging spirits) will torment you forever.

The avenging spirits will come to you not those who initiate the assignments.

Stop killing innocent citizens.”

Addressing mourners at the funeral, a traditional leader said:
” I don’t belong to any political party but my message is very clear- I don’t support political violence.

I am not afraid to express myself. Nyasha was brutally murdered and that cannot be supported. “