Robbers Pounce On Cross Border Bus
1 December 2021
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By A Correspondent- Some 66 passengers aboard a cross border MBT bus to South Africa were yesterday robbed of R167 050 and $7 367 after three armed robbers who had pretended to be genuine passengers drew out pistols and started shooting at passengers and at the roof of the bus while ordering the bus driver to stop.

Police confirmed the incident which occurred at the 186km peg along the Harare-Masvingo Highway near Mvuma around 11pm.
The bus driver, Mr Lazarus Mungadzi (46) and three passengers were injured.
One female passenger was shot on the chest and is in a critical condition and admitted to Gweru Provincial Hospital. Some of the passengers who spoke to The Herald said they were traumatised.
“We had a safe sail all the way from Harare where we left around 7pm when all of a sudden, there were gun shots and barking of orders in the bus as we approached Mvuma town.
“I was occupying one of the front seats and it was so frightening seeing one of the robbers besides me brandishing a pistol and shooting at the driver as the bus was moving,” said one of the victims, Mr Brain Mashoko.
Mr Mashoko said he had no cash on him as he was travelling to Masvingo, but could not escape the beating and kicking from the robbers.
“I complied with their orders when they approached me, I was just honest with them that I was not a cross border as my destination was Masvingo, but for failing to get a cent out of me, I was slapped kicked and shoved against the seats,” he said.
Mr Mashoko said after searching everyone, taking away cash and cellphones, the robbers ordered everyone to get back to their respective seats.
“They then disembarked and ordered the driver who was bleeding from gun wounds to drive off, we then drove to Mvuma police station where we filed a report,” he said.
According to the police, the scene was later attended to at around 9 am yesterday and four spent cartridges were recovered.
“There were also blood stains all over the bus,” he said. Herald