VP Chiwenga Left Naked Masvingo
4 December 2021
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Dear Editor

Vice President and Second Secretary of Zanu PF General Rtd Chiwenga was literally left without clothes today in Masvingo, after a faction linked to the incumbent Resident Minister, Ezra Chadzamira booed the VP at a clean up programme this morning. Ironically when the VIPs arrived, the hired ladies from Mashava (Chadzamira’s constituency) started cheering Chadzamira and singing his praise songs, vuvuzelas where also being blown by a group of youths shouting “Chitova” in reference to Chadzamira’s totem. Mobilization and incitement to boo the VP was done prior to the event through a whatsapp message written by the provincial Youth League PC Sengerai Manyanga and circulated in various whatsapp groups. This is the first time after Operation Restore Legacy that a VP is undressed and booed by Zanu PF Structures.

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