Waverley Founder’s Daughter Slams ‘Dishonest and Greedy’ Nephew
4 December 2021

By A Correspondent| Waverley Plastics Private Limited founder Victor Cohen’s daughter, Amanda Berkowitz has labelled his nephew and current Managing Director of Waverley Plastics Aron Vico as a dishonest and greedy person who is determined to steal a company they inherited from their late father.

Berkowitz made the remarks while testifying in a case in which she is being accused of perjury for confirming in a High Court affidavit that is a subscriber to Waverley Plastic shares.

Berkowitz told Harare Regional Magistrate Vongai Guwuriro Muchuchuti that Vico has been making decisions and using a lot of Waverley Plastics stuff without their consent as shareholders.

She was responding to a question from her lawyer Diana from Tendai Biti Law Chambers who wanted to know how Vico got access to Berkowitz and her sister Belynda Halfon passport copies which she used to conduct investigations on the authenticity of their signatures on the company registration forms.

Vico engaged a handwriting expert to check the authenticity of Berkowitz and Halfon’s signatures while he lied to the court that both of them did not sign to accept to being subscribers of the company.

Berkowitz told the court that the charges of perjury she is facing are trumped up as she is a subscriber to Waverley Plastics shares as stated in her High Court affidavit.

She also clarified that it is not a requirement for subscribers to append their signatures to accept their subscription of the company shares as falsely claimed by Vico.

Magistrate Guwuriro postponed the matter to 10 December where the state will get its turn to cross examine Berkowitz.