Security Roadblocks To Chamisa’s Home A Sign Of Fear and Panic
5 December 2021
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_I have never seen a roadblock of that magnitude in a rural area even in urban areas or highways.The roadblock which was at Chiwara(Gutu) turnoff along Mupandawana–Roy road. There were police officers who numbered about 10 .There were about 6 soldiers.A very good number in causal attire…suspected they might be CIOs.There were AK47 which I did not count.The road to Chiwara which goes to MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa’s rural home was barricaded with spikes.The spikes were of high standard and about half a metre in width.Some civilian registered vehicles were parked in bushes about 50 metres away from the roadblock. Only during the war of liberation i have seen Ian Douglas Smith’s roadblock was of such standard. Mnangagwa must be in panic .Chamisa is giving the regime sleepless nights.The organization of such high level security roadblock demands high level of planning and time consuming. The people who were traveling to Gogo Chamisa’s tombstone unveiling were shocked by such mental sickness of the regime to fight a weaponless Chamisa.

🇿🇼✋🏿🇿🇼Patriotic Papa JC speaks when things are not good