Mwonzora Clears Air On Prime Minister Claims
8 December 2021
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There is a lie being peddled through social media that I said I wanted to be Prime Minister of Zimbabwe and did not want elections to be held in the country.

The position of the MDC T is that it wants to attain political power through peaceful, democratic, and constitutional means.

Thereafter, it will govern differently and change the lives of the Zimbabwean people for the better.

We have maintained that we want free and fair elections but these have to be preceded by comprehensive reforms.

These reforms have to be attained through an inclusive, genuine, and unconditional dialogue.

Given that most of these reforms are legislative, with enough political will they can be achieved before the by-elections.

To that end, the MDCT has started its candidate selection process which has attracted men and women of unquestionable integrity and competence.

The new falsehoods are just part of a smear campaign by people who hate democracy and competition.

What is clear is that the march of the MDCT towards winning the democratic struggle and achieving greatness is unstoppable. The hate and propaganda have clearly not worked. The enemies of democracy have in the last two weeks been hacking my social media accounts and in some cases have posted information not coming from me.

Some newspapers have failed to give me the right of reply before publishing clearly false information hurtful to me and the party.

This is unprofessional and unconstitutional. However, no one can break our resolve.

No amount of hate, propaganda and outright lies can defeat an idea whose hour is come.

Zimbabweans are enthusiastically embracing our message.

Victory is certain.