Mai Titi’s exHusband Caught On Camera With Baby
14 December 2021
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By Showbiz Reporter | The man previously engaged to the comedian Mai Titi, only identified as Obina, has been pictured with a child on his back.

Mai Titi with her new husband, Tinashe Maphosa

Social media users suggested the baby is his with some asking how so quick considering he separated with Felistas Murata a few months ago. A closer check will reveal that by March, he was no longer with her meaning the possibility of fathering a child is very high, as he could have crossed floors last year.

The two were engaged for nearly a year after the socialite had jumped from the now UK based Zizoe, and before trying her luck on a popular Congolese singer. She was unsuccessful and then tried to smear his reputation only to be humiliated on live camera by her own witnesses, she was hoping would back her sensational allegations.

A comment from Obina could not be obtained at the time of writing.