Man Killed For Refusing To Share Cigarette
15 December 2021
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By A Correspondent- A-57 year old man from Mpopoma suburb in Bulawayo was murdered by an unknown suspect during a misunderstanding over a cigarette, which he was smoking and refused to share it with him.

Bulawayo police spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the death of Manuel Masocha, saying a manhunt has now been launched for the suspect.

“On December 10 at 4pm Masocha (57) went out of the house with his nine year-old son intending to buy something at a nearby vending site. He was approached by the suspect at the gate.  He asked him to share the cigarette which he was smoking and he refused,” Ncube said.

“The suspect got annoyed and insulted Masocha.  A misunderstanding arose between the two and resulted in the suspect stabbing him once on the lower right-side of the stomach with an unknown sharp object.”

“The suspect ran away.  Masocha sustained a deep cut on the abdomen.  He bled until he fell down and was taken to Mpilo hospital where his condition deteriorated and he passed on.”

A report was then made to the police.