Inside Emmanuel Makandiwa’s Huge Mansion Property Yard | HOW MUCH MONEY?
15 December 2021
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Emmanuel Makandiwa at his mansion

Emmanuel Makandiwa with mentee Evidence Chari

Emmanuel Makandiwa’s mansion

You can say whatever you say but every pastor knows this truth that NO OFFERING CAN BUILD SUCH A HOUSE

Even those who have bigger ministries than my Father’s don’t have such a property. Google their names and houses you’ll see.

This is proof of hard work in different aspects of businesses.

If you think this is by offering then start your own church and see if you’ll not end up homeless completely.

Only those who attended his financial seminars can testify that the prophet’s understanding on business is out of this world

Above all he deserves a house bigger than this one so that us his children can start on a higher note

David said he anoints my head and my cup runs over
PROOF THAT YOUR HEAD IS ANOINTED IS WHEN YOUR CUP OVERFLOWS TO THIS LEVEL where social media comes to a standstill because of a house

If the house is bigger my question is HOW BIG IS THE MAN OF THE HOUSE ???

Use this to measure how big the prophet is

Poverty is bowing down

Unmatched Grandpa
Proud son of one Father

If the house is this big then how big is the man of the house? Are we not supposed to wonder what kind of a vision he has for us God’s people if his personal vision is this big ?