Thomas Mapfumo Slaps Down Mavaza On LIVE Call
15 December 2021
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By Showbiz Reporter | Chimurenga music guru, Thomas Mapfumo yesterday slapped down a ZANU PF opinion analyst, Dr Masimba Mavaza following statements published that the singer is a sell out.

Mavaza severally published articles accusing the singer of being anti Zimbabwean.

Thomas Mapfumo

Mapfumo would not have any of that and swiftly armed himself with his phone to confront Mavaza digitally.

Said Mkanya:
“Doctor Mavaza, answer your phone. Don’t fear answering your phone, my name is Thomas Mapfumo or mkanya. I would like to speak with you concerning the silly article that you published about me; are you not ashamed of yourself, what kind are you, you ZANU PF people? Are you not ashamed of yourselves? 40 years the country suffering without any development.

“Mr Mavaza are you normal? Mr Mavaza, I won’t call you doctor anymore I will call you mister. You were sent by George Charamba to write those things were you not? Are you not ashamed of yourself? You are an elder and you went to school you are even called a doctor are you not ashamed of yourself?

“Don’t talk nonsense about what you don’t know. Have you ever seen me at any time while obsessed with money? I am a people’s person. I don’t do money things don’t lie about me. Where did you ever seen such? Tell me. You must look at yourself in the mirror I don’t know you. But collect yourself. People know me and my character. You’re the one trying to smear my character being deployed by George Charamba.”

Mr Mavaza, answer your phone, said Mapfumo.

To this, Mavaza replied saying the war veteran is busy making noise while Emerson Mnangagwa is busy building the country. He said: ” You have run away mkanya, you have gone away the same way that you spend time singing alone while no one asked you questions.

“I am trying to get you to hear me and then you are suddenly running away.

“An elder listens vaMkanya; we debate instead of just being quarrelsome.

“When a person is now in the 70s they should stop marijuana, it doesn’t help you, please drop the ganja, you are now an elder.

“To insult me without any points that you are putting a cross does not achieve anything.

“Your problem is that you want to insult without being replied; you cannot encourage people to go overthrow the government. This is what’s called treason. Even there in America where you are if we submit a proper complaint you will be returned to your home country.”