Tinashe Told To Trust In Mai Titi
15 December 2021
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By Showbiz Reporter | The late socialite Genius Kadungure’s widow Zodwa Mkandla yesterday advised comedian Mai Titi’a new husband to trust in his wife.

Zodwa was speaking at the two’s wedding at the weekend

Zodwa Mkandla also told Mai Titi and her husband not to worry about people who might bully them on social media. She said: ,”Today they are not happy, wherever they are they’re planning live videos, you shouldn’t care about them because God Is greater above all.

” They can shout, they can bark; whatever they want to say what is important is the two of you, you must always hold on to each other …

Baba munini there are so many people, but I’m going to talk I know you…we have been through this road together, you know what you have gone through and what you continue to go through, but trust in Felistas; she must be honest with you; you know who she is, you know there’s nothing Impossible with God. Let’s not listen to what people say people will always talk.”