Pressure Group Confronts Mwonzora Over Recalls
16 December 2021
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Zimbabwe Election Advocacy Trust Information Desk

The continued persecution of elected MDC ALLIANCE officials by MDC T leader Douglas Mwonzora is a serious cause for concern.

As ZEAT we abhor such conduct as it is an affront to constitutionalism and democratic tenets.

This drama must come to an abrupt halt as it micturates on rights of citizens. Douglas Mwonzora and his handlers are very dangerous to our democracy and they need to to be stopped in their tracks.

Mr Douglas Mwonzora as an honourable man must do the honourable thing and know that the electorate’s right to elect leaders of their own choice must be respected.

He also must fully comprehent the fact that he cannot force himself on the people.

Bearing this in mind we have the hope that Mr Mwonzora will one day wake up from the slumber and jettison himself out of the Cloud-cuckoo-land he is living in. In the midst of all this confusion we call upon sanity to prevail. ZEAT…. fostering democratic elections!