NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS: Madam Boss Bounces Back With Same White Dress Svoto-rizing Critics
17 December 2021
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By Showbiz Reporter | Barely 4 days after she was mocked for wearing a white dress that some said does not fit her, Madam Boss has returned with the same.

It’s none of your business, was the pose on Thursday as Tyra Chikoko ….threw herself all over several picture poses robed in the same white garb slammed by scores of other Zimbabweans albeit this time receiving thousands of endorsements. One, Beau Velapy said the weekend eyesore was likely a failure by photographers.

Wrote Velapy:

Kkkkk saka ma photographers of savage vaitaimira paunenge usina kumira mushe votora ipapo pavanoda🤣🤣
The dress actually looks stunning! Ko why maShona tichidaro? Savage iyi haiko kuma Ndebele pages.😱😱