COUP LOADING…VP Chiwenga Heaps President Mnangagwa With G40 Praises
18 December 2021
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By A Correspondent | This is the same trick he used on the late President Mugabe in 2017, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga yesterday staged a classic G40 duck and dive against his boss Emmerson Mnangagwa’s waning reputation, by appearing as if supporting the ZANU PF leader. 

Chiwenga appeared as if irritated by chief Murinye’s latest utterances condemning corruption and yesterday told the annual Chief’s Conference that such statements can only be said by a “drunk”.

He also went further to swear that was rather die than see his boss ‘touched.’

Chief Murinye, real name, Ephias Munodawafa, last weekend called for an end to corruption, saying that the scourge threatens the national security and could lead to a removal of Mnangagwa. He was only concerned over his nephew, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s future. 

Why are you interfering?, let corruption worsen so that I can take over, VP Chiwenga is head subtly communicating. Speaking yesterday, Chiwenga said: 

“What we have seen in the past few days is never done.” He continued saying: 

“Zvekuti munhu anosimuka otaura zvaanoda kuna paramount chief is never done. Zvinoitwa nemunhu anwa mutoriro. In this country it should never happen.”

Chief Murinye holds the Munhumutapa Kingship, but Chiwenga went on to suggest that his boss must take over the throne (reducing him to a mere chief).

He said: “We have one Munhumutapa (President Mnangagwa), we have one leader and it is that leader we give respect. It is that leader we show the entire nation what respect is all about. So, what has been done by Chief Murinye is going to be investigated by the Minister of Local Government and the chiefs’ council and if found guilty, disciplinary action would be taken.

“This is Zimbabwe. I thought I should say this, I respect Munhumutapa (President Mnangagwa) and no one touches him as long as I live.”

Chief’s Council president Chief Fortune Charumbira distanced the traditional leaders from Chief Murinye’s utterances.

“I want to tell the President that we are with you as an institution, what was said is an individual’s views and does not reflect the views of the institution, in fact, it’s the direct opposite of our views,” he said.


The picture below is of Chief’s visiting the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Head Quarters. With Senior officers of the ZDF, lead by the current Vice President in military uniform in Nov 2017.  

The Chief’s are Chief Mafu, Chief Dlodlo, Chief Jahan Khumalo, Chief Mahlangu, Chief Gumede and Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni

The Chief’s had written a letter to the new leaders of the country stating that we hear you have taken over the country.

Please explain why you did that.

Please explain what lead up to this.

Please explain what you intend doing with this country now that you have obtained it.

Please explain what you intend to do with the civilian population.

Please tell us what will happen to ex- president Robert Mugabe.

And indeed many other such questions.

For that is the role of Traditional Chief’s. It is to hold the government to account. It is to be independent as individual Chief’s and also as an institution.

Which means that Chief’s must also hold ALL political parties to account. That also includes the Ruling party, Zanu PF.

The Chief’s work in this regard is not confined or limited as far as such work is concerned.

That is why on the 2nd of December 2021, a Constitutional Substantive Chief went to 10 Downing Street, on behalf of 5.5 Million Zimbabwean citizens, who so happen to live in the diaspora. That was Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni.

Irrespective of what ever new legislation is drawn,up, to try and restrict the democratic space in Zimbabwe, chief’s will continue to function in this manner. To seek to confine chief’s in this regard, is equal to trying to empty the Atlantic ocean with a tea spoon.

When required Chief’s MUST speak against the government of the day, if it is putting the citizens at a disadvantage.

When required Chief’s MUST speak against the Ruling Party of the day, if it is putting the citizens at a disadvantage. If the Ruling Party of the day finds that unacceptable, are we then to assume that they view themselves more important, than the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, ZDF, who understood that they must explain themselves to the Traditional Leaders.

Chief Murinye of Masvingo spoke out about the state of looting and corruption in our current government. Many, many, many, many Chief’s are of this mind. Indeed many have been of this mind for sometime privately. On this occasion Chief Murinye, could no longer contain himself. Indeed it was bound to happen, soon or later.

The College of Chief’s has over 62 Chief’s with this view. And the number is growing. For the institution is beginning at last to find it’s feet.

The institution is kept in existence by the people, who have repeatedly resuscitated the institution, when a government has tried to confine or abolish it. Only for the same said government, to concede at the behest of the people.

We are very rapidly indeed, turning the corner, in a way that will shock some, who still have the view that it is business as usual. Especially in politics, a day is a long time for many things to occur.

The Zimbabwe Diaspora Vote matter is moving at a pace. – Additional reporting – agencies.