Arrest Warrant: President Mnangagwa Must Resign | FULL TEXT
20 December 2021
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“Arrest warrant for £7. 50 “

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Chief Felix Ndiweni at the COP26 Climate Change Conference

 The Chiefs Residence, Ntabazinduna, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe






“Arrest warrant for  £7. 50 “

As already stated Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni will Challenge the “ arrest warrant “ because it has no merit.  The Chief is most keen that the appeal to the “ Damages to dry bushes court cases, for which he was incarcerated for and given an 18 month sentence , which has a total value of  damages to property,  of the sum  of USD. 10.00  “ must be heard at the High Court. Since it has now been two years of waiting for such a simple straightforward case to be heard .  And it is this case that has been used to try and issue an arrest warrant.  An international arrest warrant for £ 8.50  What is Zimbabwe coming to.  Once discharged from treatment from the hospital, here in the United Kingdom,, Chief Ndiweni will return to Zimbabwe, irrespective as to whether the “ arrest warrant “ is there or not.  For the Chief has work to do in Zimbabwe.

We live in amazing and interesting times. 

We observe a government in total disarray, lurching from one crisis into another crisis.  However, what is abundantly clear to all Zimbabweans, both in the country and outside the country, is that our minority government is afraid of The Vote. They have exhausted so much time and energy, trying to change the subject onto other things, in fear of The Vote.

Our government is evidently afraid, very afraid of the Zimbabwean citizen.

Here is a quotation that is centuries old, yet describes the current government.  It is taken from Tacitus, The Annals of Imperial Rome “ The more corrupt the State , the more numerous the laws “.  It is centuries old ,yet perfectly describes our government

in 2021.                                                                                                                                 1 There is no doubt that our legal system and judiciary have been state captured for sometime now.  The Zimbabwean High Court judge, in her affidavit, when fighting against Chief Justice Malaba and Emmerson Mnangagawa, trying to keep her job as a judge, eloquently stated that “ The judiciary has been politically weaponised “. A damning indictment from within the system.

We find the very first ever  “ Job description “ in the whole world, know to humankind , written in the scriptures.  This job description is very , very short but powerful, even by to days standards.  It is found in the old testament in the book of Exodus 18;21.  Moses listens to his father in-law “ Jethro “, advising him that he should appoint leaders and judges amongst the nation.  It says in the Good News Bible “ They must be God -fearing men who can be trusted and who cannot be bribed “.  A one sentence job description, that cuts through, politics, status, wealth, ideology, indeed everything.  This one statement defines a Magistrate or Judge.  With no other description required.  Not even whether they have a Law degree or legal experience. 

As a result of political meddling within the judiciary, by the current government, we have fallen far short of living up to that biblical definition, of what is a magistrate  or what is a judge.  Political meddling on a daily basis by the current government of the day.

We read in the press about a Chief Ndiweni who has been issued with a warrant of arrest, for breaking bail conditions and wonder who that could be.  Indeed we wonder what could possibly have gone wrong here, with the said Chief Ndiweni,  for such an event to occur.

Low and behold as we read we realise that, that they are referring to Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Felix Ndiweni.  With shock and horror, my goodness that is us ! Wonders will never cease to happen, as our good brothers in Nollywood, Nigeria, like to say.. Imaging that, Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni again !

On the day of the judgement of our case, the Chief had an eye operation at one of the eye surgeons in Bulawayo at midday.  The eye condition was and continues to be serious, for he has had this condition for over 40 years now.  By 6 pm the Chief and his subjects had been found guilty and taken to Khami Remand Prison, to await sentencing the following day.  The eye was evidently puffed up, swollen and running with fluid, continuously.  Photographs taken of the court proceedings show the Chief wearing dark glasses, the ordinary day light was too bright for his eyes.

It was clear that the chief was still suffering from the after effects of the operation, but he did the best with what little medication he had for it. The following day they returned to the magistrates court, where upon the Chief was given an 18 month sentence for damaging dry bushes with a value of USD 10.  He was sent back to Khami to begin his sentence of 18 months.  Still in extreme pain from the operation the previous day. 

The case of the dry bushes, that had a value of USD 10,  had been politically driven by the government from beginning to end.                                                                      

The foot prints of Zanu PF were everywhere, in this matter.  The foot steps of political corruption were all over it.  The “ The unacceptable face of corruption in the country, Mr Obert Mpofu “, was deeply implicated. Indeed foot steps which will be addressed, when a proper government takes office, for corruption and misuse of public office.  For “ Justice must not only be done, but must be seen to be done “, as stated by Lord Hewart, the then Lord Chief Justice of England.  For it would not be right and proper, to allow those who have been engaging in corruption, within this current government,  to get away without facing prosecution, since they would have unleashed untold sufferings upon  countless individuals.  As a country, that will have to be done, in order to draw a line under these terrible 41 years, that the people have been put through.  It must be seen that crime does not pay, no matter how long it takes.

Whilst in Khami Prison the Chief’s condition continued to deteriorate.  Indeed the inmates and prison guards, at the prison all did their very best, to assist with what ever they could.  However the condition, required a proper medical environment with proper treatment .  As any physician will concur that after care following any operation is vital.  However that was not the case for the Chief. As a result the incarceration of the Chief, was responsible for the deterioration of his condition. Hence he suffered a personal detriment and a disadvantage as a result.  For had he not been incarcerated, that deterioration would not have occurred.  His medical record of his condition clearly shows this.  A matter which will have to be addressed, through litigation in due course.

The Chiefs legal team lodged the appeal at the High Court, to obtain the Chiefs release from prison and also against the whole case.  The judge sitting over the matter was very swift and indeed scathing, about this whole fabricated case and immediately ordered the release of the Chief and accepted the appeal for the whole case.  The judges in his summation nearly quashed the whole original case about the dry bushes that had a value of USD 10, because it had no legal merit at all but held himself back, to allow due process.

The Chief was released that evening .

The following day in the morning the Chief went back to the eye doctor, who had operated on him, since the eye condition was now well advanced.  After examining the Chief, the doctor referred the Chief in writing, back to his eye hospital in the United Kingdom, where he has been treated for over 20 years.  Having had over the years, many procedures and operations there.

The Chief explained his condition to his legal team.  The Chief showed them the medical referral from the Bulawayo doctor to the Hospital in The United Kingdom. They said that on such medical evidence, the Chief was entitled for medical treatment, even with the bail conditions that were there.  Because the situation was evident and historical, spanning over twenty years duration.  They advised that he should go immediately for the treatment.  The legal team advised that they would also lease with the law enforcement agents where the Chief signs every Friday. The chief also went to sign on at Ntabazinduna police station.  When everything was in place for him to go to the united Kingdom for the medical treatment, the Chief signed at the police station and also reminded them,

that he was going to the United Kingdom for treatment.  The police also had sight of his medical referral and medical papers to that end.  At the Police station there was no electricity or a photo coping machine, to copy these documents.  The police said they would engage the Chiefs Legal team on this matter. 

With respect to the Chief going to the United Kingdom for medical treatment, authority was given by the police and it was a collective decision by the government and the Chiefs legal team.  

And so the Chief went to his hospital in the United Kingdom for treatment.  Where on arrive at the Heathrow Airport, within two hours he was on the operating table .

Had additional permission been required ,the Chief would not have gone to the United Kingdom for treatment, until such authority was given.

Most of the media houses and press reported the Chief flying out for medical treatment in the United Kingdom, some one and a half years ago. However the chief has returned to Zimbabwe during this period for some four months.  During which he resumed his regular Friday signing in at the police station.  The collective decision still being up held by all, that it was right and proper that the Chief receive medical treatment in the United Kingdom.

This politically motivated warrant of arrest, seems to imply that the Chief somehow absconded in the dead of night, when the prison guards were fast asleep.  The truth is indeed very clear .  For in this story, the facts are that the prison guards opened the prison cell gate for the Chief, gave the Chief some tea and bread, gave the Chief a packed lunch, provided the Chief with a car and then enabled the Chief to get onto an aeroplane.  And then today the prison guard is shouting “ PRISON BREAK


ESCAPED !  It is some what difficult to keep a straight face, when looking at these facts.  It is as if one is looking at the cartoon film of Tom and Jerry !  The cat chasing the mouse round and round a table, whilst throwing tea spoons at the mouse.

To make matters worse, for those who are of the view that some crime has been committed, the following happens.  The Chiefs mother, uMasuku passes away, within some months.  It is widely reported in the press. The Chief flys back to Zimbabwe for the burial of his mother. The very first Friday he signs in at the police station.  He meets all the local police there.  During the funeral preparations, during the funeral and after the funeral, the chief is still signing in throughout.  He works closely with the police and health workers, since covid is there, with respect to managing the crowds.  During that period, the President of the Republic Of Zimbabwe Emmerson Dambuzo Mnanagagwa, sends his condolences to the Chief about the passing away of his mother.  It is widely reported in the press.

Which means that from the President down the whole government,  they all knew that the Chief had returned from the United Kingdom, to come and bury his mother. Why was there no warrant of arrest issued out then, since they imply the Chief absconded in the dead of night.

To make matters even worse, for those that take the view that a crime has been committed by the Chief is this.  The Chiefs legal team are known to the authorities.    Why have they not worked with that legal team, if there were issues that needed addressing.

The covid restrictions stopped the Chief from being able to return to the United Kingdom for continuation of his treatment, for some months.  He continues to sign in every Friday.  The health workers come to the Chiefs Residence, to check the Chiefs sisters and the Chief, who also came with the Chief, from the United Kingdom.  They are all given a clean bill of health for covid.  The Chief under takes joint operations with the local  police.  Mostly transporting the police throughout Ntabazinduna, with respect to police work, since their motor cycle regularly breaks down, with engine problems or punchers.  All the while signing in every Friday.

When the flying travel restrictions are lifted, the Chief once again informs his local police station, that he is returning to the United Kingdom to continue his  treatment. The local police wish him a safe journey.  The police inform the Chief that he will  resume signing on Fridays when he returns.  The Chief flys back to the United Kingdom to continue with his treatment .  Once again he has informed the local police that he is returning to the United Kingdom and will not be there to sign on the Fridays.  The police say that the Chief can resume signing in on Fridays, again, when he returns. 

Whilst in the United Kingdom the Chief has spoken with Sargent Chisango on many occasions, with regard to matters in Ntabazinduna.  Even with respect to the recent matter, where a local large lorry, ran over a school child.  An accident, through no fault of the driver.  The Chief worked together with Chisango, for both families on this matter. The Chief has also spoken to Senior officers at  Mbembesi Police Station, with regard to a  mzukhulu who was destroying property at the homestead . The Chief had also asked Chisango to attend the homestead, and see this damage to property belonging to local resident of Ntabazinduna.  That matter is now a police case .  On his next call to the police, they informed the Chief of what was happening, at the Chiefs residence.  Indeed the Chiefs senior wife, wenhluNkhulu, also identified the police that attended the Chiefs homestead to see the damage. Pictures and videos were taken.  The Chiefs senior wife had returned to Zimbabwe just for a few weeks, having come from the United Kingdom. She was there at the police station when the matter of the chicken sheds being damaged was being discussed.  The Chief spoke to the officers on this occasion through her phone.

If there was a matter about the Chief absconding, why during so many occasions were they not brought to the Chief directly, or to his legal team.  Or were the police and government also breaking the law with the Chief ?

The Chief has a phone and the police have the number.

The Chief has a Twitter and the police know it.

The Chief has a facebook and the police know it.

So after a year and a half, of the chief being in the United Kingdom for treatment ,some government political spin doctor, suddenly realises that the Chief is not in Zimbabwe. 

But the problem for this political spin doctor is that the  whole government knew , that the Chief was not  Zimbabwe and they and the law enforcement agents, had been working with the Chief the entire time, having allowed the Chief to go for his treatment in the United Kingdom. 

The law enforcement agents having given their consent for him to be in the United Kingdom.   

Even the President of The Second Republic knew that the Chief was in the United Kingdom, for treatment.  For he to saw Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni, in videos and the media  at 10 Downing Street, representing the Campaign for the 5.5 million plus  Zimbabwean diaspora Vote.  The last time a Constitutional Substantive Chief stepped on the steps of 10 Downing Street was in late 1979, at the Lancaster House Conference. During those historic days, the current crop of leaders in the government, were spectators far away from the main event, that gave birth to the modern day Zimbabwe. They were not there at the top table, where decisions were made.  All of those who were there are now long departed.  Even the convener of the conference, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, of Her Majesty’s government,  is long departed. The chiefs that were present, those heady days , for our country were Chief Khayisa Ndiweni and Chief Jeremiah Chirau. Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe

Ndiweni repeated that event on the 2nd December 2021, as the next Chief from Zimbabwe to step on the steps of Downing street. It is historic because that is where the agreement happened at Lancaster House just around the corner, from 10 Downing Street. An important event for our country.

By the reaction of the current government and their spin doctors, it is evident that they were not pleased that the Zimbabwean Diaspora Vote, for the 5.5 million plus Zimbabwean citizens in the diaspora, has reached this level.  But then how else could these Zimbabwean citizens advance their desire to vote in Zimbabwean elections, from wherever they are in the world.  The idea that they should all come back to Zimbabwe to Vote, is disrespectful to the Zimbabwean Diaspora, who have brought in over a USD One Billion every year to the country as remittances.  The Zimbabwean diaspora have tried for over ten years to engage the government on this matter.  The government repeatedly turned them down flat.  The Zimbabwean diaspora have gone to the High Court and Regional Courts, seeking the diaspora vote.  The government has still rejected them completely.  The logical next step that a people are entitled to is to take such a matter to other international organisations, governments and regional bodies.  So that diplomacy may be engaged to coheres, our stubborn government to do the right and honourable thing, for its citizens, in the diaspora. For one to take offence at the Chief leading on such an honourable campaign, is to show a lack of understanding about the very principle of democracy.

This whole matter about the “ arrest warrant “ is about politics and not about law.  

Currently the Chief has not been discharged from treatment at the hospital, since the condition was advanced by his period at Khami Prison, straight after the eye surgery on the same day, in Bulawayo.   There is a wealth of medical files and appointments covering the whole period the Chief has been in the United Kingdom.

Months and months on end going to the hospital once or twice a week. 


To add to the slowness of the whole matter, the covid pandemic , removed medical staff from hospitals to work in frontline positions, administering the covid vaccines.  Even some terminal cancer patients were not seen to during this period because of the need to vaccinate the general population against the covid pandemic. Tragically some critically ill patients passed away during this period.  Indeed the covid pandemic is a once in a generation event, that has shock the world.  Someone who does not appreciate such an event, is not serious and must be removed from public office if they hold such a position. Hence conditions like the Chief were treated slowly and are still being treated in that manner.  Until the staff return full time to their chosen areas of work.

For the Chief, in this regard of his long standing medical condition, there are files and files , covering twenty years of treatment in this one specialist hospital.

However, that is not to say the Chief is thus too incapacitated to fulfil his responsibilities as a Chief. The Chief has continued to work with his responsibilities in Ntabazinduna.  The Village Heads of Ntabazinduna are the first, in the country, to have Zoom meetings with their chief , thousands of miles away this year.  There are so many developments that have happened for Ntabazinduna during this period. Ntabazinduna Communal Lands  are now registered here in the international arena. Obtaining various partnerships, that are bringing development for Ntabazinduna, for their Clinics, schools, infrastructure, cash flow in the community, commercial agriculture, twining with other such areas in the world, twining with schools in the world, putting together enervative solar energy solutions for Ntabazinduna, student program for Ntabazinduna and many other low hanging fruits, that are about to be implemented.  The most  prominent of which is placing Ntabazinduna Communal Lands, in a position to internationally access funds and resources.

It is hoped that the current government would refrain, from hindering such possibilities for the people of Ntabazinduna and the country as a whole, in their respective rural areas. As they have done so, in the past ,with progressive ideas and attempts , that have not come from within the Ruling party.  But rather to put the interests of the people first and allow such enervation and development.  A wise government allows, supports and celebrates such developments, that even do not come from amongst their ranks, but will bask in the triumph of success, when it is achieved because it occurred on their watch.  It occurred whilst they were the government.  That is what clever and timeless politicians do, all around the world who are continuously re-elected.

For no organisation, or individual has a monopoly over knowledge.  For we as a country have been trying it, the Ruling party way for over 41 years now and we have come to a stand still as a country. We are daily informed, about this and that which is being resuscitated  for the country.  But the bigger question is, who broke it in the first place, that it now requires to be fixed and resuscitated.  We have only had the Ruling Party for 41 years.  The finger of blame must point there, to the Ruling party. For even during the Government of National Unity , GNU, it was the Ruling party that was in charge and that was resident at State House.  How is it that we have an International Airport that has broken radar, that hardly works ?  We wonder what the international Aviation Authority say, about Zimbabwe in this regard.

To date we in Zimbabwe have been unfortunate in that good progress has been stopped, because it did not come from our government, but came from independent individuals or came from the opposition.  We hope that has now changed and that the government will allow progress, for progress sake, irrespective from where it may come from.  No government can control everything within its jurisdiction.  Even the mighty authoritarian States like Russia and China, have failed in controlling absolutely everything in their countries.  

However, with respect to Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni and his bail, no crime has been committed here at all.  No bail condition have been broken here, since everyone was aware and agreed for Chief Ndiweni to receive treatment in the United Kingdom.  As one cabinet member said to another, in our current government sometime ago, “ one would need to have the small brain the size of a rat, in the body of a big elephant , in order to build such a case “ . Indeed, very colourful language used by a well known current  Zimbabwean politician.

Clearly the warrant of arrest will be legally challenged, since it has no merit.

Should medical treatment permit, the Chief would return to Ntabazinduna immediately.  Whether the “ arrest warrant “ is still in place or not, for that is not an issue.  What is at issue, is the legality of the “ arrest warrant “. For the Chief has far too many matters to deal with in Ntabazinduna and indeed all of his wishes and aspirations are there for his people.  For there are now ways by which their daily lives can be improved, dramatically.

The chief is most keen that this issue of the “ arrest warrant “, means that the government is now finally willing for the Chiefs appeal, against the “ dry  bushes that had a value of USD 10, case “, will now be heard by the High Court.  The government has not wanted this appeal to be  heard, since it knows the appeal will be successful and the case and conviction both quashed, within a few minutes in the High Court. It would be disingenuous on the part of the government, to advance the matter of the “ arrest warrant “, whilst they still have absolutely no intention, for the appeal to be heard in the High Court, for the “ case of the dry bushes that had a value of USD 10 “.

The government has employed delaying tactics, to keep the Chiefs bail conditions active indefinitely, by design.

The government is seeking to politically control the Chief by indefinitely keeping the bail conditions active.

The government hopes that the bail conditions for the Chief will control and hinder his daily work.

The government hope that the Chief’s bail conditions may be used to stop the Chief’s Campaign for the Human Right to Vote , for the 5.5 million plus Zimbabwean diaspora.

The government has for sometime goaded the Chief to break his bail conditions by transgressing upon them by design. An example of this provocation is the illegal settlements in Ntabazinduna, being advanced by the government.

The government is silent on the appeal case and does not want to talk about it.

The government does not want the embarrassment of loosing the appeal in the glare of the media.

The government finds it’s self cornered by this case, that with hindsight they should have not have allowed Obert Mpofu to fabricate on its behalf.

The government does not wish to afford the Chief, the opportunity to advance numerous litigations, as a result of loosing the Chiefs impending appeal, with respect to corruption and misuse of public office, by various individuals in the government.  The facts for these litigations are there and only await the conclusion of the “ The case of the dry bushes that had a value of USD 10 “.

The government still holds to the idea of a Zanu PF, chief of Ntabazinduna.  Even though that would be against the law and against the Constitution and against the Traditional Leaders Act.  Not to mention that the people of Ntabazinduna do not accept such a Zanu PF Chief.  For the current Chief has and continues to work with all political parties.  To this end the Chief has hosted, all the political parties in his Homestead and on the Communal lands.

The public should once again view this matter as the government yet again not being truthful and abiding by the Rule of Law.  But rather the government seeking to effect Rule By Law.  Where the bastardised law is used to assault the innocent Zimbabwean citizen .  A principle that is at odds with democracy.

The truth of the matter is that once again , here is political corruption at work. The government lashing out because it could not get it’s own way. The final realisation at last, that it is not a political island or a geographical island.  That Zimbabwe as a country and government , must live amongst the brotherhood and sisterhood of nations.  It cannot extricate it’s self from this international community, just because it wishes to effect bad legislation upon its citizens and subjugate them daily behind closed doors.   In particular, that the Chiefs campaign for the 5.5 million Zimbabwean Diaspora vote will happen, whether it agrees to it or not. For through MyRight2Vote and other Zimbabwean organisations and the international arena, they will be facilitating an independent Zimbabwean diaspora Vote , parallel with the next elections when ever they are called.  These parallel Zimbabwean diaspora elections will be independent of the Zimbabwean Election Commission , ZEC.  They will be independent of the Zimbabwean government.  But through international Hard Edged diplomacy, by the international arena, SADC, African Union, United Nations, towards  the Zimbabwean government, will be thus  effected.  So the Zimbabwean diaspora parallel elections are vital, in order for the country to progress.

In the 2018 elections only 4.8 million people vote in total.  At the very same time there were 5 million Zimbabwean citizens in the diaspora who were denied the right, the Human Right to vote in the 2018 elections.  To have another 5.5 million plus Zimbabwean  citizens, independently voting in the next elections in 2030 would push the total number of citizens that could vote in those 2023 elections to well over the 10 million plus.  This would make the 2023 elections the largest plebiscite in the history of the country. 

It is not important what the current governments position is on the diaspora vote. The independent vote will go ahead and Hard Edged diplomacy, will coerce the current  government to include the Zimbabwe Diaspora Vote in 2023.  Of course, currently the government rejects the Zimbabwean diaspora Vote.  However in 2023 they will have no choice but to accept fellow Zimbabweans having voted from across the globe.  For just one day in politics is indeed a very long time.  Time in which the impossible that is rejected, becomes the possible that is accepted. 

The principle of the  Zimbabwean Diaspora elections  is already accepted by the world at large. For the day the Zimbabwean diaspora vote in those independent global elections, is the day that we all get the first properly elected government in Zimbabwe, in 41 years.  It is evident that such words send shock waves through our government.  For they have already said through their, then Acting Political Commissar Patrick Chinamasa, that they fear that their candidate, Emmerson Dunbudzo Mnangagawa would lose such an election, such a plebiscite.  It is a rare thing to see our government openly acknowledge and accept defeat, within the public domain.  That shows the importance of the independent parallel Zimbabwean diaspora Vote, that the Chief is leading.

As a Constitutional Substantive Chief, he is entitled to lead such a campaign and it is not at odds with his responsibilities as enshrined in the Traditional Leaders Act. For the ability for one to vote is a Human Right.  A human Right is humanity. Humanity is ubuntu.  Ubuntu is contained in the peoples customs and traditions. The very thing the chiefs are instructed in the Traditional Leaders Act to keep and protect the peoples customs, Traditions, practises and norms.  We have come full circle.  The Right, the Human Right to Vote for every single Zimbabwean on planet earth.

To date the preparations for the Zimbabwean diaspora Vote are making remarkable progress.  No doubt this has reached our government.  However, where the government goes wrong, is that it now is no longer about Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni when it comes to the Zimbabwean diaspora Vote.  The Vote has grown wings of it’s own and can now fly, whether Chief Ndiweni is there or not. The box was opened and the will of the people, could no longer be restricted or contained as before. The international arena is not a closed confined space as within Zimbabwe. It cannot be contained and made to do “ X “ or to do  “ Y “ , as is the case within the confines of Zimbabwe.

The current government has spent a great deal of time and resources closing down the democratic space in the country.  We cannot remember the last time the “ proper “ opposition parties, were allowed to protest and march, as is their Constitutional Right.

Even the War Veterans, on anti-Sanctions day, tried to march and protest about the poor state of the country and how the current government was applying sanctions upon them, due the hardship of their daily lives .  The elderly men and women, were rained down upon with baton charges and riot shields.  Nurses trying to protest about being paid pea nuts, are baton charged , beaten up and arrested.  Doctors trying to protest against working conditions, are bashed and beaten up until unconscious.  When they come round, they are given a form to sign, saying that they are now being drafted into the health service, as military doctors. Military doctors who do not have the right to strike for wages and conditions.  Teaches try to ask for more money, a living wage and not the pea nuts they are currently paid, when the government feels like it.  They to are baton charged, beaten down, false charges fabricated against some,  who are then arrested.  Trade unions try to protest for their Unions and are baton charged and beaten up.  Fabricated charges are quickly made up and some are arrested. Students try and campaign, they are baton charged arrested, some charged and detained.

We have a common thread that joins together all of these professions. The nurses, doctors, teachers, Trade Unions, Civic Organisations, Faith Groups, Students and some Chiefs and Traditional Leaders. 

That common denominator is that some of us have been arrested, fabricated charges brought against us and detained.

Are we really, really expected to believe in the cold light of day, that all of these individuals in these professions are criminals  Surely that would be to stretch the imagination somewhat.

It is now such a common occurrence, that it does no longer raise an eye brow any longer. It is something the common ordinary Zimbabwean citizen knows, that our government perpetrates such deeds against  innocent people. That our government regularly breaks the law and shreds the 2013 Constitution.   Where as to the really guilty criminals from the government they have a catch and release strategy “.  This is where an individual from the government, is caught red handed by the public doing something illegal.  Where that deed can no longer be hidden , from the general public.  The said individual is arrested.  Paraded in front of the media. Detained for a short while. And then under cover of darkness, mysteriously released, never to be caught again. “ Catch and release strategy “,  

It is only the very, very few Ruling party members that are allowed to gather in a rally and clap hands for the resident at State House.  But even they to have changed.  Now they are paid USD 2 each, to go on the buses to clap for Mnangagwa, as we all saw at his welcome rally from the Climate Change

Conference. Times have indeed changed ! The Ruling party has to rent a crowed .

The Ruling party has a rally at the drop of a hat.  The “ proper “ opposition, Trade Unions, Civic Organisations, Faith Groups and society in general, are not allowed to gather in large numbers.

The democratic space has been completely shut down by the government.

Preparations are now  at an advanced stage for the coming elections. 

The government has put all its eggs into one basket, which is the Rural vote.  And in order to ensure that the vote is theirs, they are focusing on the Chiefs and Traditional leaders.

Hence the recent events and government out cry at the words spoken by

Chief Murinye of Masvingo.  An uncle to President Emmerson Dumbuzo

Mnangagawa.  He said , my child ED, you are surrounded by crocks, thieves, looters and corruption.   Wherever I look I see mines operated by looters,businesses operated by crocks .  People you are surrounded by in your government.  If you do not sort this out you will not pass these elections coming.  Paraphrased , words to that effect.

These words have created a storm in a tea cup. 

The Chief was speaking at the end of a funeral as is customary.  At this juncture the Chief will say some words of comfort to the bereaved family.  Say some words to the gathered community.  Say some words about local matters.  And then say some words about broader matters ,that he sees, as the peoples leader in that jurisdiction. What Chief Murinye said was right and proper.

A chief should not, cannot, must not be, muzzled in order to please the government of the day.  Anyone who clearly believes that they must  be muzzled, does not understand the institution of Traditional Leaders and should be kept far away from them, until they read up about the institution and understand the institution.  The institution does not belong to the government of the day.  Far from it.  It never has and will never be.

A chief is not paid a wage or a salary by the government.  A chief is given an allowance by the government of the day.  Which means that the government can choose to give the allowance this month and then ship the next three months, without giving anything to the chief. In doing this allowance, the government is making sure that the Chief is NOT a government employee.  Therefore, they do not receive holiday pay or allowance, no sick pay , no widows pension and no pension. Taking into consideration that the institution of Traditional leaders is a unique institution that is hereditary, there is no education bursary for the Chiefs family, to ensure that at least there are academically educated Chiefs. Because the role of Chief, is evolving and has not remained static.  So that it benefits the community with a Chief, that knows IT and many other modern administration skills.  As a result their community will benefit greatly.  There is no induction for Chiefs or protocol, ethics or etiquette training for new Chiefs or indeed refresher training for elder Chiefs.

An imaginary situation can be thus.  On Monday morning we find a young man who is a loud mouth, emergency taxi conductor, being loud mouth and swearing as he goes along, propositioning every pretty young girl , he comes across during the day, in his taxi.  By Sunday of that same week, he is being given the official robes of Chieftaincy, by Minister of Local government of Housing and Rural Development, July Moyo.  One would fear, fear, fear for that community the young man has been made Chief of. 

The possibility of such an occurrence  is very, very, likely when the government of the day continues to meddle in the affairs of Traditional Leaders. 

More so, as the current government continues to interfere with chieftain succession matters.  For they are entering into an arena full of customs and traditions , like a bull in a china shop.  The end result being a Chieftaincy Clan, being left in shock and trauma for decades, before they can rectify the situation.  All because the government of the day, wished to install an individual who was a supporter of the government, a supporter of the Ruling party, a supporter of Zanu PF.

The war of liberation was also about our keepers of our customs, traditions, practises and norms, the Traditional Leaders, The Chiefs.  Keeping them and protecting them.  Not as we saw , The Vice President of The republic of Zimbabwe, shockingly, irresponsibility abusing Chief Murinye.  Basically publicly threatening and intimidating and harassing Chief Murinye.  What chance the Chiefs independence come the 2023 elections for Chief Murinye and his people.  A people. A nation in it’s completeness.  

There is no medical health policy or insurance in place.  Bearing in mind that this individual , the chief,  will never retire from being a Chief and will die as a chief. With age, the body does require a great deal of medical attention.  In all probabilities, a young Chief will outlive a number of governments during their life time. In short , the chief really does not receive much from the government of the day.  Aside from their allowance of about USD 250  a month equivalent in Bonds. An amount that can be consumed at one sitting at a good restaurant for lunch for four people .  They may be given an attendance allowance for some meetings.  Once again it is an allowance.  At the complete whim of the government.  Yes the Chiefs were give the 4 X 4 Isusu Twin Cabs.  Once again a gift .  Nothing that binds the Chief to the government of the day.  Besides many Chiefs cannot afford to maintain the expensive cars, let alone buy a spare wheel for the car, should a tryer burst.

And so the government of the day is using these gifts to the Chiefs, as a debt of loyalty to the government.  That the Chief must do the governments biding because they accepted one of their gifts. A 10kg bag of rice here.  A 2 liter bottle of cooking oil here.  Three bottles of orange squash here.  Twenty litres of diesel there. The Chief is being kept living on a hand to mouth basis design by the current government.

And so to Chief Muriney of Masvingo.  He does not own his allegiance or Chieftaincy to the government of the day.  He is an ordinary individual that should be allowed to speak his mind.  For within his jurisdiction amongst his subjects, he will have people who will support many different political parties.  Should he align himself with a particular political party, how then will those people in his jurisdiction feel, who support different political parties, relate to him.  And so the Chief must be neutral and independent.

Indeed the Constitution of Zimbabwe, in the Traditional Leaders Act does say that the Chiefs must not get involved in partisan politics.

The government of the day has found it difficult to adhere to the globally acceptable of good governance and democracy, that is the separation of powers within an administration.  Each seperate institution being the check and balance to the other  seperate institutions.  Politicians seperate and on their own, Judges seperate and on their own, Law enforcement agents seperate and on their own, military seperate and on their own, Traditional Leaders seperate and on their own.  Each is independent and operates under their own procedures and protocols.  In government and democracy, these institutions balance off each other, so that The Rule of Law is maintained.  Democracy.

The institutional of Traditional Leaders should have had a completely independent seperate ministerial portfolio headed by a Substantive Chief.  The minister of women is a women.  The minister of youth is a youth, the minister for people living with disabilities is also such a person and so on.  Hence the minister for Traditional leaders and Chiefs should have been a Substantive Chief.

How does an office junior  investigate and sit in judgment upon their senior.  Is that really possible, normal and acceptable if we are serious about advancing the country ?  Minister July Moyo is being asked to investigate Chief Murinye for conduct, as a result of what he said at the funeral.

July Moyo carries his own personal ID card / birth certificate.  It says July Moyo, born such and such, date of birth, place of birth. Chief such and such.

Chief such and such

Chief such and such

Chief such and such

That means that July Moyo is under his Traditional Chief in rank.

July Moyo’s Chief can summon July Moyo

July Moyo is therefore junior to his Chief.

So then, how can July Moyo investigated the conduct of someone senior to him.  It makes fore a nonsense when one looks at protocol.

A  councillor is junior to a Chief

A member of parliament is junior to a Chief

A Minister is junior to a Chief

A Vice President is junior to a Chief

A President is only partially equal to a Chief

And when one looks at their respective job descriptions the clarity is even more

clear.  Politicians are only elected for a given period .                                                 14 A chief is chief  for life.  A minister and Vice President can only speak for the portfolios they are responsible for .  A Chief can speak about everything day or night.  Indeed a functioning institution of Traditional Leaders is the day facto opposition to the government, so that it may scrutinise legislation in the House of Senate, if the official opposition is some how in difficulty and not able to hold the government of the day to account. Hence, the discussion about Traditional Leaders is not just an academic discussion. But that it is vitally important debate that can only but enhance our democracy.  For here in the run up to the elections of 2023.  We see an attempt to pin down the institution of Traditional Leaders by the government and in particular the Ruling Party.  This is classed as advance “ electoral fraud and vote rigging “.  Here there is no need for “ V11 “ forms.  Right before us, chiefs are being press ganged to ensure that their people in their respective areas vote for the Ruling Party. Totally contrary to the ideas and principles of a free and fair election process that should not be allowed in a Zimbabwe of 2021 – 2023.

It is for this reason that we are concerned at the attempt at intimidation and threat to Chief Murinye and Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni should be taken most seriously indeed.

As already stated Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni will Challenge the “ arrest warrant “ because it has no merit.  The Chief is most keen that the appeal to the “ dry bushes with a total value of USD 10 , case “ must be heared at the High Court. Since it has been two years now.  Once discharged from treatment from the hospital Chief Ndiweni will return to Zimbabwe, irrespective as to whether the “ arrest warrant “ is there or not.  For the Chief has work to do in Zimbabwe.