Zanu PF Has No Right To Monopolize Pfumvudza Inputs
20 December 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|Online rights group Team Pachedu has challenged the Zanu PF monopoly on Pfumvudza inputs.

Individuals thought to be against the Zanu PF regime are being denied farming inputs across the country.

In addition, Zanu PF is sidelining elected MDC Alliance councillors.

Read Team Pachedu’s statement below:
We, the tax payers, are funding the Pfumvudza and the Presidential input schemes.

However, in areas where the local councillor is MDC, ZANU-PF shadow councillors are the ones who are given the inputs to distribute to ZANU-PF members only.

Chief Murinye is not a hero.

He violated Section 281 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe which states that traditional leaders “must not be members of any political party and must not further the interests of any political party.