Siri Butau -The Man Who Sacrificed Own Life To Pull Passengers Out Of Inferno
26 December 2021
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By Simba Chikanza | If there’s anything that distinguishes Zimbabweans from the rest of the world, it is sacrifice, while others spend time shooting selfie videos during disasters, Zimbabweans will jump in and do the rescue work; from Zimbabweans who are running the South African economy, to hardworking Zim experts supporting the Botswana nation, to one Zimbabwean businessman currently leading the vaccination efforts for the entire African continent, and another who single handedly discovered the troublesome Omicron COVID Variant, the teapot nation never disappoints. On Christmas Eve, the country produced its own Superman, not the one we watch in the Hollywood movies, but a real one who gets injured in the rescue effort.

Coincidentally, his first name is Siri, not the fictitious Apple robot, Siri, but a human one; he is Sirizani Butau. He managed to pull out 8 people from a burning inferno following an accident on the Harare-Mutare bus-fuel truck collision.

Right now his body is badly burnt but at least after saving 8 people from hell. His friend could not make it, but he managed to get the rest before it was too late.

As this network coordinates donations for him since Saturday, he speaks to ZimEye following the accident saying he was driving from Mutare towards the capital city, Harare, and “when we arrived at the scene there was no fire; the cars had not been burnt at all; so we tried to do what we did and then I went to the driver (of truck in front) who was still alive and he said to me, Butau my friend please open the door for me.”

“When I failed to open that door, that’s when the fire started; and the fire was emerging from underneath the bus.”

Butau was in a car that was right behind the vehicle that didn’t head on collision with the fuel tanker.

He says he took a crowbar to try to open the accident vehicle to get the driver out of the truck. While in that operation of all of a sudden there was an explosion, which he describes as a bowl of fire.

Butau was not discouraged by the fire but continued pulling out people, and footage at the scene after the rescue, has people praising him for saving many victims.

Below is the brief interview
of which National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi says the bus, which was on its way from Harare, encroached onto the opposite lane resulting in the head-on collision with the tanker that was heading towards Harare.
“There are reports that the bus driver had tried to avoid a drunken person who was along the road and thereby encroaching onto the opposite lane but we are still conducting investigations.

“The tanker which was transporting fuel burst into flames. Both vehicles were reduced to wrecks