Emmerson Mnangagwa Must Pull Leaf From Butau Heroics
27 December 2021
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Stephen Sarkozy Chuma :
Only if @edmnangagwa was like Butau, the Beta Bus accident hero, Zimbabwe would have been better. ED must copy one or two things on what it means to save and serve people from Butau. While rewarding Butau, ED must go for extra lessons on leadership from this good citizen! https://t.co/i1xQ5JFZZ8 https://twitter.com/chumasteve/status/1475342957398171656?s=20

Stephen Sarkozy Chuma :
A genuine voice that stood for morality, human rights and freedom was today plucked away from us. Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu was not the kind of man of cloth like the papas of Zimbabwe who endorse ZANU PF evils just to avoid prosecution on their rape cases. https://t.co/yEV10gxVjj https://twitter.com/chumasteve/status/1475066142607749120?s=20