Jonathan Dismisses Zim Political Environment As Toxic
27 December 2021
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Self-exiled former ZANU PF Politburo member Professor Jonathan Moyo says Zimbabwe’s political environment is toxic, with citizens divided by personality politics rather than the politics of ideas.

Moyo received a public backlash on social media after he suggested that the US$120 000 raised by Zimbabweans in the diaspora for the purchase of a bullet-proof car for MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa be diverted towards training polling agents for the 2023 elections.

Posting on Twitter, Moyo described the decision to purchase the bullet-proof car as “irrational”, saying the MDC Alliance should prioritise enhancing its institutional and administrative capacities. He wrote:

The one major reason why Zimbabweans, as a body politic, are ill-prepared to deal with the country’s deteriorated political conditions is that they are balkanised by the politics of affection; driven by principals over principles, wherein personalities always trump up ideas!.

As a telling example of the toxic tragedy of Zimbabwe’s politics of affection today, last week I found myself in the ire of cultic anger after I dared challenge the wisdom of the US$120 000 GoFundMe for a VIP bulletproof car for @nelsonchamisa.

Notably, the trolls did not offer much of an argument nor really want me to explain myself; all they were about was to demonise me, as a person.