Nudes Published Inside AFM Church WhatsApp Group
27 December 2021
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By Religion Reporter | ZimEye | In a manifestly sinful development, a member in an AFM Church WhatsApp Group, has posted nudes leading to an explosion of complaints among congregants.

The member played a ‘Tinashe’ when he posted the offensive image in the group which is a Praise and Worship convergence.

The AFM’s Biblical virtues outlaw pornography.

ZimEye was still to obtain a comment from the male at the time of writing.

The AFM is Africa’s oldest Pentecostal organisation with the most trusted and democratic constitution in Christian history which has been recently being edited by the Church’s lawyer, and elderTawanda Nyambirai.

The below footage shows businessman and elder Tawanda Nyambirai allegedly offering pastors a total USD1 million to endorse his crafted constitution, a matter which spilt into the High Court. The latest development does not necessarily suggest the lawyer’s unChristian moves are connected to the leaking of nudes.