Drugs Worth Over ZWL$2m Recovered In Zim
28 December 2021
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By A Correspondent- The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) recovered illicit drugs valued at ZWL$2 821 738.00 in just under three months, that is, from October to December 2021.

The seized drugs include crystal meth (mutoriro), cocaine, ecstasy, dagga (mbanje/ marijuana) and broncleer among others.

In terms of quantity and value, dagga topped the list, with 53.982 kilogrammes worth over ZWL$1.2 million having been recovered.

See the table below:

Crystal Meth343 grammes328 946.00
Cocaine14.32 grammes109 162.00
Ecstasy36 tablets37 323.00
Dagga53.982 kilogrammes1 248 467.00
Broncleer1772 x 100mls Bottles654 800.00
Adco-Saltarpyn1394x 100mls Bottles321 090.00
Benyln14x 100mls Bottles7200.00
Histalix182 x 100mls Bottles114 750.00